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This is Madinat Jumeirah

Bur Al Arab—The world tallest hotel built on artificial island These are supposed to be oven gloves….

I Am Back….

I am back after 10 days and i am feeling as if its been ages i didn’t do blogging.Past ten days was very hectic and emotional.First it all started with the elder kid’s fever,then followed by younger one and next it was my turn to get sore eyes.Some how managed to read few post and wrote comments.

I said emotional because mom left to hyderabad yesterday.She wanted us to come back and settle in hyderabad,which i don’t think is possible in this situation.She went to an extent that she will support me till we get a decent job.I appreciate her confidence on us that we both will get a job there.She is speaking from her heart not from the head.It is not wise to leave everything here and start newly there.Many of my friends back home have lost their jobs and one friend who is software engineer lost his job and he is frustrated to an extent that he is ready to take a telle caller job.

My house is empty without her.Felt as if she was here only few days.She came to my resuce when we all were sick.Did everything for us,from cleaning to cooking to washing.She reached hyderabad yesterday and called us many times and ordering us to come for a holiday in August,i am not sure of it.

Will take few more days to come back fully, till then Ma as-salaamah/Selavu

Happ To Baa

Happy birthday pinky.

Time just flies,pinkuda will be two tomorrow (11th may).The tiny and fragile baby is now a naughty kid breaking the furniture,mobile phones,cd player,cups,glasses and tv remotes.Doesn’t like to get dressed up,always in her slips.Very allergic to water,one drop of water on her dress and she removes it as if her dress is fully drenched.

Now granny has come for her birthday,she doesn’t know much about birthday.She only knows barney singing happ to ba and baluk(balloon).So my house will be full of balloons for her,she loves to play with balloon,more than that she loves to sit on the balloon and burst it meanwhile closing her ears before the balloons bursts.

Planning to make biryani and sweets for her,but name is hers we are going to eat.I wanted to bake cake for her but varunavi wants it from the store as she was not sure of my baking skill.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Beta/Devil/Bangaram/Chinu/Pinkuda…….

She Is Here……….

Went to the airport one hour before the flight arrival.But as usual our good Indian airlines was late by 2 hours.Kids were getting restless as they waited for her since morning.At last mom came out of the airport and varunavi went running and hugged her tightly and mom eyes were moist.

Amma brought so many goodies for the kids.There is a saying in Telugu that interest is loved more than principal amount.

But she made it a point to get each of our favourite sweet.Most of these snacks she did it.I told her not to make all these,instead buy it from shop.But she is very independent lady who wants to do her work by herself.She will go out of the way to do anything for us.

Varunavi is eating,drinking,sleeping,playing everything with ammamma.She always wanted me to put my hand on her when she is sleeping,but now she wants only ammamma near her.Showed all her barbies,her toys and she is telling her that she will give lift on her toy cycle 🙂

What i didn’t tell her in the last one year,told her everything now in two days.First day didn’t sleep till 2.ooam,she knows i am talkative and gave me a patient ear.

Took her to sharjah aquarium and had a great time there.Spent more than one hour there.

Inside the sharjah aquarium