New Header

Hurrayyyyyyyyy i got a header for my blog 🙂 🙂

The credit of this header goes to Smitha.Yesterday i troubled her so much for the header.Smitha took the trouble of uploading the header.

I am very exicited,yesterday night i saw my blog header 100 times.It shows my passion and my two daughters.And the small kid in the header just looks like pinky with two little ponies.

Thanx smitha for taking out time and making me smile.  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Tom and Jellys

Tom and Jerry

This is pinkuda’s t-shirt (my younger kid).She is wearing this everyday without fail since last 3 months.My mom brought this t-shirt for her and she doesn’t wear anything other than this.When going out i will make her wear another dress on top of this t-shirt.

Purposely i spill water on her t-shirt so that she removes it and allows me to wash it.She doesn’t wear anything until i the t-shirt gets dried.Thanks to the summer here it takes around 10-15 minutes to get dried.

Now all the kids clothing shops know us as we both went and asked again and again to the salesman there whether they have a t-shirt with Tom and Jerry picture on that.One day we went and asked a salesman whether they have a tom and jerry t-shirt,he brought some cat and mouse picture on a dress and showed it to her and she gave him a look and lifted her dress and showed me this i want not this (pointing her finger towards the t-shirt he brought).

Even mom went to the shop she brought this t-shirt so that she will send us few t-shirts but she didn’t find the t-shirt.So now even she is vouching for tom and jerry t-shirt.

PS:The tile of the post is what pinky says for Tom and Jerry. 🙂

A decision is taken—At Last

imagesBrought walking shoes few months back and made a excuse that it is very hot outside can’t go for walking either in the morning or evening.Thought will go for a walk once mom is here so that i can leave kids to her.But mom discouraged me not to go for walk as she can’t see her daughter struggling by going for a walk.

Everyday when leaving  daughter at the bus stop always thought of taking the stairs to 6th floor but did only once and then made a excuse that  stairs are dirty to climb,inspite of knowing that the stairs are cleaned once in every two days.Now daughter is having holidays so no point of going /coming back from the bus stop.

Many times called hubby’s aunty (doctor) to ask her about what to eat but never asked her that question.

Dresses are not fitting,under impression that they are shrinking.

Daughter says mamma you are becoming bigger (means becoming fat)

Younger kid sleeps on me than the mattress.

Stopped eating rice since 3 months but eat biryani once in a week,so that is nullified.

Bake cake every week for the kids.That’s an excuse, end up eating with them.

Tea 2-3 times a day and that too with full cream milk to avoid another broken bone.

The result of all these are that i have gained 10kgs to my original weight last august.So in a year i have put on 10kgs,

which is quite high.

After so much of thinking,sacrificing,cheating,arguing i have taken a decision of going on a diet plan.This time called up doctor cousin and asked her what to do to reduce weight.She gave a plan of what to eat everyday.Yesterday was first day of dieting.For breakfast had sprouted moong dal,for lunch had roti and steamed cauliflower seasoned with chaat masala and salt.Then for dinner steamed vegetables and a glass of low fat butter milk.Today also followed the same diet but had idly with out chutney for breakfast.Let me see till how long i will continue this…………….