Day 8 Monkey bread

You read it right. This easy bread is named as monkey bread. Not sure the reason is but it’s super easy and my kids love to make them. They picked this recipe from Disney princess cook book. So apart from crazy about princess they try to eat what Disney princess eats. It’s very easy recipe and only thing I did was using the oven.


Plain flour 2 cups

Castor sugar 1 cup

Butter 1/2 cup

Cinnamon powder 3 tbsp

Baking powder 1 tbsp

Salt a pinch


Mix flour,salt,baking powder and butter. Make a smooth dough. Make small balls.

Mix sugar and cinnamon powder.

Take a 2 tbsp of butter in a bowl.

Grease a cake pan.

Dip each ball in butter and roll the ball in cinnamon and sugar mixture. Repeat it with rest of the balls.

Place each ball in the pan, you can stack them too. Pour felt over butter and sprinkle left over sugar mixture.

Preheat oven for 350 degrees Celsius and bake for 25 to 30 minutes.

Kitchen will smell like anything. I like to combination of sugar and cinnamon.

Sorry for the pic, was not able to stop kids from taking a piece before the photo session.

Pinks Birthday Wishlist

Pinks 5th birthday is coming closure.She is super excited about it.In May schools are closed so she wanted to celebrate her birthday in April itself when school is open.On April 11th exactly one month before her actual birthday she celebrated her birthday at school.She planned everything much in advance.Yeah you may think what a five year old will plan.Her planning includes where to sit in the class,who will stand next to her when she was cutting the cake,what dress she should wear,what chocolates she should give her friends,how many chocolates she will give to her best friend and to name a few.



Now that she celebrated her birthday in school she has planned or gave me a wish list which she made her elder sister to write it on a paper.The invites to her birthday party apart from family and friends are Doreman,Nobita,Oggy,Cockraches,Chota bheem, Chutki, Raju, Dolu,Bolu, Henry,Ninja Hattori and she doesn’t want to include Motu.

She saw revlon hair colour ad many times but she didn’t follow what is shown in the ad.Today she realised that hair can be coloured in many colours.Now she wants to colour her hair PINK.

Her cake should have brown icing with a big flower and a Winnie the pooh toy on that.I am happy that she didn’t ask me any cartoon character or barbie cake and my baker too is happy that i will take what is their in his bakery rather than me asking him to customize my cake.

She decided  whom to take with me to get the cake from the bakery on the party day.It seems i didn’t take her last time and she wants to come with me along with my cousin.

Not able to manage my two blogs.Pinks saw this blog name and now she wants to me get a new blog on her name…