Pinks Birthday Wishlist

Pinks 5th birthday is coming closure.She is super excited about it.In May schools are closed so she wanted to celebrate her birthday in April itself when school is open.On April 11th exactly one month before her actual birthday she celebrated her birthday at school.She planned everything much in advance.Yeah you may think what a five year old will plan.Her planning includes where to sit in the class,who will stand next to her when she was cutting the cake,what dress she should wear,what chocolates she should give her friends,how many chocolates she will give to her best friend and to name a few.



Now that she celebrated her birthday in school she has planned or gave me a wish list which she made her elder sister to write it on a paper.The invites to her birthday party apart from family and friends are Doreman,Nobita,Oggy,Cockraches,Chota bheem, Chutki, Raju, Dolu,Bolu, Henry,Ninja Hattori and she doesn’t want to include Motu.

She saw revlon hair colour ad many times but she didn’t follow what is shown in the ad.Today she realised that hair can be coloured in many colours.Now she wants to colour her hair PINK.

Her cake should have brown icing with a big flower and a Winnie the pooh toy on that.I am happy that she didn’t ask me any cartoon character or barbie cake and my baker too is happy that i will take what is their in his bakery rather than me asking him to customize my cake.

She decided  whom to take with me to get the cake from the bakery on the party day.It seems i didn’t take her last time and she wants to come with me along with my cousin.

Not able to manage my two blogs.Pinks saw this blog name and now she wants to me get a new blog on her name…

My Little Story Teller — Story 2

Pinkuda told me story today afternoon when i was trying to make her sleep.She hates to sleep in the afternoon so to divert me she told me this story.I wrote about a story she told before,here is the link for Story 1.

Here goes her story….

Once upon a time there were four friends.Rajasthan,Sonia Gandhi,Youmiko and Varu.(Youmiko is a cartoon character and varu is her elder sister).They all went to a park one evening.Park was empty,no kids were there.Then they went to another park.

They played a lot and when it was dark they came back home.While back home they all fell into a pit which has a net.Then they saw one mouse and they all asked the mouse to cut the net.Mouse was very good it bit the net and all of them came up.

They took the mouse and went to Lion tiger’s house.Lion mummy shouted at them why they brought mouse to the house.Then they all told her what happened so lion mummy was happy and gave the mouse a big cheese piece.


(Here lion tiger is husband and lion mummy is me)


My Little Story Teller

Every night I tell a story to both the kids before going to sleep.Today pinkuda said she will tell me a story.The story goes like this

My teacher Megha mama brought mangoes.*Pause*

She took one bite and there was a one big worm. *Pause*

She put that worm on her shoulder. *Pause*

And that worm became a big snake and bit her on her cheek. *Pause*

She was in the hospital for 10 days.

And she came back to school with one big scar.

ME:- Your teacher told you this story?

Pinkuda:No,its my own story but I saw scar on teacher’s cheek.

What i am liking this summer??

The thing i am liking in this summer is the evenings.Near to my house a ground was converted into a play area for kids and a walking track.My walking shoes had loads of dust on them as i have not used them since last March.Now everyday i take kids to the play area and i go for my walking.Its almost a week now and i feel so light,maybe i am assuming or it is real that i am loosing my tummy fat.

Good thing is that kids are getting tired and are sleeping by 8.00 pm so i have time to sit in front of my laptop.Since their summer holidays i am not allowed to sit in front of the computer.The moment i switch on the laptop varunavi wants to play Pogo games and pinkuda wants to see mickey in Youtube.So the time i used to spend on the net has drastically come down but thanks to the play area i am getting sometime on the net since last few days.

Got so many raw mangoes from neighbours and relatives that we are wondering what to do with them.Did mango dal (mango pappu),mango muraba,sharbat,pickles (two types,mom did).And also getting so many bottles of pickles like mango,red chillies and tomato pickles.No need of making anything for one year…..

Yesterday pinkuda didn’t say a single word while coming back from the park,maybe she is upset that I am getting them back as she wanted to play for some more time.As we stepped into the house she said to varunavi,Akka we both will study teacher and we will go to the class and get a scale to beat Amma cause she brought us back from the play.(maybe she saw her teacher beating kids with the scale or maybe she too got if from her teacher)She is just opposite to varu,she doesn’t tell me anything what happened in the school.When i ask her she says much has happened but she will tell me later which never comes…..

Leaving you all with few snaps….

This is my rocking chair