Thanks Barkha for defending our country but i have a question for you…

Thanks Barkha for defending our country by saying that United states of America never had a women prime minister and India has been ruled by a women Prime minister. And saying the percentages of rapes in UK and USA are more than the India.

I have a question for you and its  unlikely that you will read this post.

Question: Tell me when a girl or women are not threatened in our country?? I will answer this question….

Threat to a girls life starts much before she is born. Female feticide is so rampant in our country that government had to pass a rule for pre-natal sex determination as a punishable offence but who cares. The data  of the year 2014  shows 943 females out of 1000 males. Not bad atleast 943 girls survived the death threat. This data i got it from here.

I have been asked by many nationals why you indian kill girls in the womb. How can you kill a life much before it is born that too without any birth defects. The girl child defect is only that she is a girl. Here gender of the fetus is told to everyone other than to Asian parents, in particular to indian origin. The ratio in canada shows 100 girls for 136 boys in Indian community.Here is the news about it. Gender is disclosed to every other nationality but not indian. My answer to my other nationality friends is that a girl is treated as a burden and she does’t take the family name forward. And she is a paraya Dhan (others property). Even my dad was worried that he doesn’t have boy (we are 3 girls) who will take his family name forward. I don’t understand what happens if the family name is taken forwarded. I didn’t change my dad last name and brought his name till Canada.If my name is googled i will be the only one in his family who uses his last name. Here in Canada you are recognized by the last name first. So i am a girl.

And then when she cross the stage  where abortion is life threatening to mother, she is not aborted. In womb she knows what her parents are planning for her. After her birth before she sees her murderers wheat husk  is given to her in place of milk to silence  her cries. She is buried in a place where even her parents don’t remember.

If she survives the above life threat she is constantly taunted as unwanted and some places she is named unwanted in their languages. when ever her name is called she knows she is unwanted. Then she is always told that she is one step down to her brothers (if she has one) or always been told that she won’t carry the family name and their vamsh gets ended because they don’t have boy.

She is not much educated for a fear of not getting a boy who has equal education. She stops her education and is told that she should learn from her mother how to take care of her future husband and inlaws. She is not allowed to go out alone for the fear of molestation and rape. I agree with this that a girl should never be sent out alone in what ever age she is in. The recent molestation and death of a 14 year old girl in punjab. Her mother who defended her was thrown out along with girl and mother is critical now and her brother was dropped after sometime. Can find more details here.

A girl should not have a boy as her friend if she has she will be raped. Like butcher cutting the meat loaf, her privates part are cut and thrown out of the running bus. And when a documentary is made on that we created hue and cry that it is showing India in a bad light. And barkha i appreciate the fact that you and your team supported the documentary and the day it was supposed to be aired NDTV went blank for sometime. NDTV is the only channel which i see first thing in the morning. Kudos to NDTV staff. NDTV has more women journalist than any TV channel if i am not wrong.

After  all this she is married into a good family with good husband. She is not married to a boy but she is married to whole of his family. She is never asked about her choice. Parents  protected  the girl till her  marriage and first day of the marriage she has to commensurate the marriage. If she is lucky her husband gives her sometime. If she is willing or not willing should have sexual intercourse with a stranger. Yes he is a stranger she knows him since few hours. And Marital rape is not a rape our government says that now.

If the boy who is not paid dowry by the girls family, she gets killed. The blame is on the girl that she has committed suicide by setting herself on fire.One dowry death per hour in our Country.

And then come the abusive marriage. She has to stay in the abusive marriage because she is paraya dhan. If she goes back to her parents house, bad name for the family. She is not that educated that she can leave the marriage and live alone.

Then comes the baby. No choice is given to her  to have a baby. She should have a boy not a girl. Elders in the family tell her to do pujas so that she delivers a boy not a girl.She is told to workship goddess and get blessings to have a baby boy. She does puja of few girls and seek their blessings (i don’t remember what that puja is called).

Once you are pregnant the cycle continuous.

And one more thing Barkha a rape is a rape..Be it in India, UK,USA or another country. Don’t compare the percentage of rapes.

A rape victim is always blamed not the rapist. Rape kills the soul of the girl/women and only they know the pain of killing their soul. She is not accepted in the society and if she gives a birth to child after the rape that child is called a bastard.

All the above is not with everyone. 943 girls tells it all.  And also many parents give good education to their daughters like my mom who got all 3 of her daughters good education and all are very well settled. I attribute my success in my life to my mom and the education she gave me.

But its sorry state of affairs that we girls demand respect and security. And also boy can’t protect the girls…He is killed if he protects or defends the girl. The only solution for all these is raising your boy child. Teach him that he is not superior, he is equal to other gender.  A NO is always a NO and silence is not YES. Don’t threaten a girl you are not Superior.. Always keep your hands for yourself. A Girl has a choice who should touch her or whom to reject. Acid are used to clean the washroom not the girls face. Live her alone, don’t call her by names or eve tease her. Stop chasing her.