Day 30 I didn’t say not again….

Thirty days of writing here was fun and not even one day I felt why I started.

I always run from challenges. It’s not that I am afraid of it but I don’t have confidence that I will finish the challenge.

This is the first time that I took a challenge and I am patting my back saying that I did well. Sometimes you need to pat your back yourself :).

Thanks to Swati for adding me with others to take this challenge inspite of knowing that I am very irregular in posting.

So what I got from this thirty days challenge.

  • My brain got a good work out.
  • No negative thoughts and no bad memories.
  • I will stop cribbing that I don’t have time.Every evening wrote a post. Came to know that time management is also something which I should learn.
  • Was able to visit all my old favourite blogs.
  • Got inspirations by reading everyone.
  • Happy to read many new blogs.
  • Above all got a grown up daughter who likes to eat biryani 365 days.

This is not an end but a beginning……

Day 29 Am I Religious ?

Am i religious?? Yes

Religious means going to temple and doing puja?  No i do go to temple but i dont know to do any puja other than lighting lamp in front of god every day morning.

For me going to temple is for peace, the peace i don’t get any where sitting,standing or what ever. I like the calm peaceful environment. I don’t go to temple to wade of my fear.

I want my kids to know that we belong to one of the religion in the world not the only religion in the world.

I haven’t read any religious books till now don’t know if i ever read them.

Had i have not seen Mahabharat or Ramayan on TV i wouldn’t have known much of Hindu gods.

My mom has Bhagwat Geeta,Bible and Quran in her pooja room. But i never made an attempt to read any of them, nor questioned my mom why she is having other religion books in her pooja room. I don’t know whether she read them all.

I made few attempts to remember Hanumana Chalissa but failed miserably so I make it a point to listen to it everyday morning. I tell my kids to listen. There is something in it which gives you strength and removes fear. I listen to Hindi and also Telugu version of it.

Few times I went to church and Gurudwara. I got the same peace here as well. I always want to visit Golden temple in Punjab.

But been religious doesn’t mean that I follow the faith blindly. There are many things which I don’t like in the religion. I follow a religion but I dont follow it blindly. 




Day 28 A small talk

At my work there is a major revamping is going on. Part of the revamp, everyone are getting a new PC. There is this guy A who is working seven days a week from morning to in the afternoon. He works like a robot from one desk to other installing the PC. I have not seen anyone talking to him or wishing him.  He too looks serious and too involved in his work.

Been an introvert myself I thought of talking to this guy not sure if he responds well or not. When my turn came he came and the moment I got up my from my seat he started his work. I didn’t keep quite, I am on a mission to make him smile and talk.

I started my conversation with him by asking his name. Slowly he opened up and we chatted until he finished installing the PC. He spoke about his work, family, education,career and his other job. At the end he said that he cannot change the mouse as he is yet to get the mouse orders. It was with everyone and using the old mouse with new computer was a horrible experience.

After that day I saw him few times at work and I never asked him to change the mouse and I heard many asking him to change their mouse. On Friday he came to me and said that he got one mouse for testing and he changed my mouse. They were so many before me asking to change but he came to me and changed my mouse.

It’s just one small talk and getting heard makes a lot of difference.