My friend is back….

I thought I will not see my friend till spring. But husband pointed me to my friend saying my friend is back.

I had a bucket of atta which I have not used for few months and I didn’t want to use it. So I kept the bucket in my backyard so I dispose it when we have organic waste disposal day. With the wind the lid flew away and my friend got its food.

First thing in the morning husband spotted my friend. Photo opportunity for me. It did posed for the picture and went to bring her friends. 

Day 30 I didn’t say not again….

Thirty days of writing here was fun and not even one day I felt why I started.

I always run from challenges. It’s not that I am afraid of it but I don’t have confidence that I will finish the challenge.

This is the first time that I took a challenge and I am patting my back saying that I did well. Sometimes you need to pat your back yourself :).

Thanks to Swati for adding me with others to take this challenge inspite of knowing that I am very irregular in posting.

So what I got from this thirty days challenge.

  • My brain got a good work out.
  • No negative thoughts and no bad memories.
  • I will stop cribbing that I don’t have time.Every evening wrote a post. Came to know that time management is also something which I should learn.
  • Was able to visit all my old favourite blogs.
  • Got inspirations by reading everyone.
  • Happy to read many new blogs.
  • Above all got a grown up daughter who likes to eat biryani 365 days.

This is not an end but a beginning……