A for apple

20160719_205734Before getting married you tend to buy only for yourself. After marriage you tend to buy for your spouse and once kids come they take over your other priorities. Take for instance a computer or a lap top. Once kids started using your laptop you hardly get it. Your smart phone is taken over by younger kid. Kids use your phone and laptop only when your are free cause when you are doing household work they are busy doing home work. Since a while wanted to buy something exclusive for myself but postponed it cause has to buy tablets for school for both the kids. Last week got a voucher from work and brought Apple iPad Air 2. Used iPhone before and not much fan of Apple products. Now I have to start loving my iPad because this is exclusive for ME. Kids too appreciate that mom got iPad only for her. No game downloads, no English music and no kids drawings. Brought this mainly as I wanted to come back to blogging…take time to read all my favourite blogs and also spend less time on FB.

Copied the idea of alphabet post from dhiren. May not be doing 26 letters for 26 days but will try to post often.