An year in Canada…

One year has been a roller coaster ride for us. This day we landed in Canada…new place…new people…new weather…everything new but old friends…I can’t imagine what we would have done without them….I want to thank each one of our friends who helped us in settling in this new surrounding….guiding us with the government procedures…finding house…finding school…applying for health card…..opening bank account….even helping us in the groceries….

I clearly remember the day we landed it was evening 7.00pm and it was slightly drizzling. Then a familiar voice called us and hugged husband and kids. That was S uncle..He came to pick us from the airport and insisted of taking us to his house. We have booked a motel for our stay until we find a house. Then went to uncles house and had delicious kerala fish biryani. When we were leaving aunty gave us enough biryani for 4 of us to eat for next day lunch. Reached motel by 10.00 am and couldn’t sleep because of time difference. Kids were waiting for morning to see the fall colours…wow it was such a beautiful sight for the first time when we saw day breaking from the motel window..

Then came R,husband’s school friend who met him after 27 years. It was sight to watch, a hand shake and introduction. He took leave from his busy schedule and came to take us around the place for house,school and other things. He was the one who guided us in every step in Canada. He and R (rajesh’s wife) never made us feel that we are meeting them for the first time nor we are new to Canada. Everything was served in a platter for us by these wonderful couple and of-course their lovely daughter S made us feel at home.

R,r’s wife is such a sweet and composed human being i have ever met. Offers help before you would even ask for. She helped me in job searching and all credit goes to her that i am placed in job within 3 months of coming here. When ever we are struck on the road,she used to google the address and guided us how to go. Kids love to talk to her, they miss their pedamma (my elder sister) and sees R as their pedamma in Canada. They tell her so many stories and she patiently hears them. Never we felt alone in this far land and you guys made us feel at home.

P,i don’t say she is my kids baby sitter…she is my new old friend here. I met her at the kids school. I saw her picking up people from the building and dropping them at the school and i assumed she charges for it. I was reluctant to ask her but it was difficult to walk to school during peak winters. Then one day when i was walking to school she stopped her car and offered me lift. Our friendship started. She offered to take care of my kids when i had my first interview. Such a down to earth female she is. It’s because she helped in my first interview and my second interview i am working in Canada. Without her i don’t think i would have attended any interview leave alone the job. She see my kids as her’s and their house looks like a small kindergarten…She was reluctant to take money from me but i insisted that i owe her money for taking care of my girls.

And they are other friends who were with us in Oman who gave us so much information about the places and how things work here that we didn’t need google for answers.

I thank all of them for their support and help they gave to make us feel at home….