Day 10 Letter soup café

This is the game we all are addicted now. So everyday my kids and I spent almost 1 hour playing before going to bed. This game is addictive and with this word game I came to know how good is my girls vocabulary. This is available both on Apple and google play.

Husband too started playing after seeing us. So it’s a competition between my husband and us. He is little ahead of us because when ever he is free during the day he plays. Such is the addiction.

Day 4 😍 my love

No words can describe my feelings towards you. Sometimes I wonder what good deeds I did to get you in my life. You are a part of me which eventually get detached and I am not sure if I can endure that pain.

The calmness I get from you is beyond anything I got in my life.

You are a true blessings to me and hope I keep my blessings happy and help you achieve what ever you want to achieve in your life.

When ever you call me all my senses get active and I am trying not to say no to you because I never heard no from you.

You got motherly instincts and you protect your sister as a mother would do.

You are calm,pious,smart,intelligent and above all you have a good heart.

I echo what your friends say about you that they are lucky to have you as their friend.

And also you are turning into a matured girl who knows where to draw a line.

You are passionate about small kids and they easily get attracted to you.

Even when you are a infant you never woke up at night and always engrossed in yourself, you never asked for attention.

When you were two years old , one of my aunt said she is willing to raise 100 kids like you without any issue.

And you have a ability to get what you want without nagging for it.

Love you beta (Varunavi my first born).


Pinks: Nanu (dad) is a Lion king

Me:- Why?

Pinks: Nanu is big,eats more then us and watches cricket.


Once we went to a house warming ceremony.And after coming back pinks wanted a new house.I said i don’t have money to buy one,she said no problem amma i will give you my piggy bank you buy a new house with that.Wish i could buy a house with the kids piggy bank.


Pinks:- Amma i want to climb a cow 😀 😀 😀 😀


I brought Honda activa few days back.Pinks said amma why you brought honda activa you should have brought a bus.In bus we all (myself,varu,pinks,husband,grand mother,cousins and school friends) can go.


These days most of the advertisement target the kids,be it a detergent powder or the shampoo.When ever i take kids to the super markets i end up buying the items of kids choice be it a detergent powder or shampoo or oil.Sometimes even my sanitary towels are also my kids choice,they don’t know what are sanitary towels but the aunty in the tv commercials says it absorbs well and leak proof you buy it amma (varu  said this once)