Break the silence

 October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.This is just a small contribution from me to spread the awareness of domestic violence.

Yesterday my neighbour rang my bell and before i would reach the door she ranged it twice,when i opened the door she came running into the house and closed the door and there was a panic in her face.On being asked what happened she said her husband came from the office and she doesn’t want to face him.My daughter is not at home,she went to grocery store.Then i said so,then she said you don’t know my husband he shouts a lot and he doesn’t like my daughter to go out on her own.Her daughter is  16 years old.If he thinks going to a grocery is a forbidden thing he can tell her why he doesn’t want her to go in a soft voice,why to shout at them.

Her husband is out of the house from morning 6.00 to evening 8.00 and he expects his wife to do everything like paying the bills,grocery etc and he shouts on her if the daughter goes to the grocery store to her help mom.This lady is educated and she is working and earns on par with her husband.But she is scared of her husband.Fear is in place of  love and trust.Why should she fear him? Why the kids should be scared of their father? He is a decent man,wishes you when ever he sees you,calls your kids and plays with them.What is wrong with him? Ok he comes home after a days long work and from long traffic jams,so he will vent his frustation and anger on his wife and kids.A women also does that? have anyone of you heard about a frustrated women venting her anger on her husband and kids ??

More than the physical abuse it is the mental abuse which goes unnoticed.Words don’t break bones they break hearts.

A close friend of mine has left her marriage after suffering for 4 long years,she says i suffered 4 years and will suffer for long because even after leaving the marriage my past taunts me.For this her parents brought her into this world,gave her education and married her to a decent family after making a good enquire about the family and house where their daughter will live forever.

She is mainly abused by her in-laws and husband is a mute spectator.For this he took seven vows to protect her.She is blamed for everything.When her m-law was sick she was blamed that she didn’t took good care of  her.Something happened in the house,her m-law said the day you put foot in our house we are runied.For this  her m-law selected this girl to be her son’s wife? She was blamed of not having kids inspite of she showing them reports that there is no problem with her and husband never went for a test.And this guy is very well-educated and has a good career but he didn’t allow her to work inspite of being educated on par with him.Leaving marriage was a good option for her as she has got a good support from the parents.It is more than one year she left the house but still she is not able to come out of that.Time heels but why should she suffer for no fault of hers ?


Don’t bear in silence,silence kills.Help yourself and help others.When you see such violence don’t be a silent spectator,ring their bell for atleast the violence stops for sometime.Bell bajo is campaign, asking you the common man to bring domestic violence to a halt.

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Chilkur balaji temple

I always get fascinated by the stories related to the temples.The first post i read on sandhya’s blog was about temples,i liked that post of hers.This post is a small attempt of what i know about few temples which i have visited and few temples about which i have read.


Chilkur balaji temple is the oldest temple built during the Akkanna and Madanna, the uncles of Bhakta Ramadas and its presiding diety is Lord Venkateswara Swamy (Sri Balaji).This temple is one of the temple which has Sthala Puranam (literal meaning: the legend of the place).The Sculptors who built Golconda have built this temple during night without the knowledge of the Nizam king.The legend goes like this–

There was a devotee who used to visit tirupati very year by walk from this village where the temple is located now.He took darshan of  Lord very year without fail.Slowly he was getting old and he was not in a position to go to tirupati.Lord balaji came in his dream and told him not to worry because he is there in his village,inside an ant hill near his fields.

The devotee called people to that anthill and started digging the anthill.And the crowbar struck the idol on the chest and blood started oozing from the anthill.Then they heard a voice to pour milk in the anthill.The devotee and others poured milk on the idol and came out the small idol of Lord Balaji with the divine consorts Sreedevi and Bhoodevi near his feet on the same idol on either sides.This idol is very rare of its kind,usually they are three idols of lord balaji,sreedevi and bhoodevi but this idol has all three in one.

A small temple was built there.All devotees are equal in the eyes of Chilkur balaji temple,there are no paid darshan and there is only one queue.The only separate queue is for aged devotees and children.

There is another uniqueness of this temple is that there are no hundies in the temple,no donations are entertained.The money to run the temple comes from the fields owned by the temple and the sale of books  and a magazine called VAK which gives information about the temples in hyderabad and India.

The endowment department of Andhra Pradesh tried to take this temple under but they failed in taking over it.This is the only temple which is not commercialized by way of special darshan and so on.The temple was not that popular till 1990’s,once the temple started getting large number of devotees the endowment department wanted to take over the temple and its earnings.A case was fought for 2 years and won.

A website was created to get online petitions from the people for not giving the temple to the endowment department.Check here for more details.

43000 – Signatures on Petition
3000 – Opinion Mails
200 – Live Public Opinions &
2 years Struggle

Chilkur balaji temple is also knows as visa god or VISA venkanna.Most of the aspirants who wants to go to US used to visit this temple before going for visa interview and thus used to succeed in getting Visas. To get wish fulfilled one has to make 11 pradakshanas around the temple. The devotees have to make 108 pradakshanas around the temple after the wish is fulfilled.

Pics to share


This old tv which i am sure most of the people have seen in 70’s and 80’s and which is now a antique.This tv i saw at a garbage bin and clicked this snap inspite of background music from hubby.

The below are my Diwali snaps which were supposed to be posted after Diwali but didn’t do as i was not in a mood after knowing about the plagiarism. diwali 019

diwali 050



My laxmi pooja.

The person who is copying my post said that he admires my blog and through rss feed pulls the recipes from my blog and keeps in his website for his personal use and he apologized for it and said he will remove my post from his website.Till now nothing has been done will wait for few more days and will mail him again.

Thanks to all specially to liju who has helped me and thanks to all of you for the encouraging comments,your comments has moved me and stopped to me take a wrong decision.

Hugs to all 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂