When i was stopped by a policemen…

Since last few months chain snatching has become quite common in my area.Each and every lane has billboards telling people to be careful and cover their necks etc….

One day i was going to pinks school to drop her.One policemen stopped me and in harsh voice asked me why i wearing so much gold.I was not sure if he is a policemen or not.So i said i saw the billboards.He replied that just under the billboard a women’s 4 tolas of gold has been snatched.He said you go home and keep the gold in the house.To that i said i have to drop my daughter i will go home later and he was still standing i left from there.This happened at 9.00 in the morning.I never thought of asking him his ID card.

Then at 1.00 pm when i was going to pick pinks the same policemen met me at the same place and asked me inspite of him telling me why i am still wearing the gold.I was shocked.Infact i removed all the gold except my mangalsutra.The only difference was i covered by neck with my dupata.Inspite of covering he saw my neck.Same like before i left and he was still standing there.

I was too sacred,called my mother to be with us.She came and stayed with us for few days.

My house is quite close to police station and everyday i pass from there.From that day onwards i was searching for the same policemen who spoke to me just to confirm that he is a genuine police.After a month or so i found the same guy in police uniform in front of the police station.After seeing him i could get proper sleep.I have been thinking that maybe the policeman in is disguise and has been following me.

Since gold has touched Rs.28,000/- for one tola,it has become an easy money for the thieves.In the past few months there has been many chain snatches in my area.So most of the women have opted for imitation jewellery.It so happened that a thief snatched a chain from a women only to realise that it is imitation not gold.He waited for the next day and threw the chain on her and abused her.

How much ever one is smart there will be a person smarter than him/her.Here the thief thought he is smarter and women found other ways…