Happy Housewife’s Day

Today Americans celebrate National Housewife’s Day.We in india too will celebrate by wishing all the housewife’s a happy housewife’s day .

The idea behind celebrating this day is to recognise the importance of a homemaker/house wife.This is to remind all that a housewife doesn’t sit idle in front of tv watching serials etc, but it is to recognise that it is the women who instills the good values in her children,it’s the women who sees that men in the house go to office on time,it’s the women who works 24/7 without being paid,it’s the women who sees that her kids do well in the school,it’s the women who cleans the house,it’s the women…… the list is endless…….

For me being a housewife is a full-time job,i have blogged  here about my day before,nothing has changed much but my responsibilities as a house wife increased further.

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PS:Read an article about National housewife’s day in America and thought of wishing all the housewife’s….