Wordless Wednesday — 42

Pinks drawing.


16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — 42

  1. Its actually a three-dimensional cross section view, if you notice it carefully. The road, mud under it and the water under the mud are clearly depicted! BTW, do you have double decker buses over there?

    Destination Infinity

  2. This is beautiful , much better than the ones i clicked.

    Thanks,nothing can beat your pic,it is awesome…

    I admire at the way the little one has used colors to show what the words are saying ..

    She heard from her sister that under the road there is soil,under the soil there is water,so she did all that in this drawing..

    Lots of love and hugs to her

    Hugs from her….

  3. Pinkuda is one budding artist! She has depicted the scene so so well! Hugs and muahs to the little artist!

    She keeps on drawing something or the other smitha if she is not watching tv.Doesn’t shows much interest in books unlike her sister..

    Hugs from her…

  4. Sari, looks like Pinkuda has picked up your artistic skills! mom crochets, and pinku draws!
    this is delightful! have you put it up somewhere at home?

    My crochets all credits goes to you..I started filing her drawings…

  5. Love the double decker bus….this is so cute 🙂

    She saw that bus only once and she wants that as her school bus,so she did this bus drawing…

    Hugs to the artist in the making 😀

    Thanks and hugs..

  6. Impressionist as they say… she does have a flair for observation and putting it on paper, and getting the message through, you didn’t tag them Sari 🙂 and your sausage fritters, well I love sausages…. second fritters of the day, early one was apple…

    I never had apple fitters,will out some other day..

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