Day 29 Am I Religious ?

Am i religious?? Yes

Religious means going to temple and doing puja?  No i do go to temple but i dont know to do any puja other than lighting lamp in front of god every day morning.

For me going to temple is for peace, the peace i don’t get any where sitting,standing or what ever. I like the calm peaceful environment. I don’t go to temple to wade of my fear.

I want my kids to know that we belong to one of the religion in the world not the only religion in the world.

I haven’t read any religious books till now don’t know if i ever read them.

Had i have not seen Mahabharat or Ramayan on TV i wouldn’t have known much of Hindu gods.

My mom has Bhagwat Geeta,Bible and Quran in her pooja room. But i never made an attempt to read any of them, nor questioned my mom why she is having other religion books in her pooja room. I don’t know whether she read them all.

I made few attempts to remember Hanumana Chalissa but failed miserably so I make it a point to listen to it everyday morning. I tell my kids to listen. There is something in it which gives you strength and removes fear. I listen to Hindi and also Telugu version of it.

Few times I went to church and Gurudwara. I got the same peace here as well. I always want to visit Golden temple in Punjab.

But been religious doesn’t mean that I follow the faith blindly. There are many things which I don’t like in the religion. I follow a religion but I dont follow it blindly. 




Day 28 A small talk

At my work there is a major revamping is going on. Part of the revamp, everyone are getting a new PC. There is this guy A who is working seven days a week from morning to in the afternoon. He works like a robot from one desk to other installing the PC. I have not seen anyone talking to him or wishing him.  He too looks serious and too involved in his work.

Been an introvert myself I thought of talking to this guy not sure if he responds well or not. When my turn came he came and the moment I got up my from my seat he started his work. I didn’t keep quite, I am on a mission to make him smile and talk.

I started my conversation with him by asking his name. Slowly he opened up and we chatted until he finished installing the PC. He spoke about his work, family, education,career and his other job. At the end he said that he cannot change the mouse as he is yet to get the mouse orders. It was with everyone and using the old mouse with new computer was a horrible experience.

After that day I saw him few times at work and I never asked him to change the mouse and I heard many asking him to change their mouse. On Friday he came to me and said that he got one mouse for testing and he changed my mouse. They were so many before me asking to change but he came to me and changed my mouse.

It’s just one small talk and getting heard makes a lot of difference.

Day 27 Talk to me

Sometimes I feel you are not spoken to because you are a women. I meant people avoid talking to you because you are a women. I don’t stop myself what I like to do because I am a women.

In my house I am the one who fixes furnitures,taps,lights etc. I don’t stop myself doing it because those jobs are not gender related. My landlord doesn’t like talking to me when it comes to things like fixing something in the house. Husband has a zero knowledge and lack of interest in doing these stuff. When I ask something to my landlord and he says he will talk to R. I am glad he is talking to R but it’s me who needs an answer. R says to me that he didn’t follow what the landlord told him and wants me to talk to him.

Another class friend (school friend for 10 years) of mine comes in this typical mentality that after certain age you are not supposed to talk to your friend who is a girl. I met him on FB after 20 years. I was super excited that I got in touch with him. One day I saw him online and started chatting with him. Online chat you can’t make out if the other person is willingly chatting with you or. After few minutes he sends me a message saying talk to my wife. What? I don’t know her nor he is married when I knew him in school, what i am supposed to talk to her? 

Both these individuals are highly educated. We have gone to Moon but we have not stop differentiating.

Here in Canada both men and women are same. No one raises an eyebrow when a women drives a three ton truck , does the courier deliveries, drives uber or school buses etc…

I have a neighbour here who talks to me more often then to R. I wonder why he didn’t block his mind.

Day 26 Afternoon Siesta 

Day 26 Afternoon Siesta 

Every Saturday and Sunday I keep my phone and iPad away after my mid day meal for a quick  nap. This nap rejuvenates me and makes me look forward for the work week. 

Kids too don’t disturb me nor husband. If I miss my afternoon nap then the entire week I feel I am stressed and on Monday itself I am tired.

Even on Saturday I wake up early, how hard I try to sleep but I cannot sleep. Once i get up my tea cravings starts and that starts my day.

Today I had a good nap and I am looking forward for tomorrow’s nap. 

How was your Saturday?

Day 24 Few reasons why I like winter

I always crib about winter but I do like winter for few reasons.

First and foremost reason is I can go out in my pyjamas. Yeah you read it right. But the pyjamas are covered with a long thick winter coats and long boots so hardly what I wear inside cannot be seen.

I love to wear scarfs and look forward for winter to wear scarfs.

Not much traffic on the roads as many use public transport to commute.

Can happily wear sweaters to work and don’t have to help husband in ironing his clothes.

Love to watch snow falling and taking pictures of snowflakes.

Edited to add the above picture.

Day 25 Chaos Vs Calm

The calmness in the house kills me.Sometimes when I come home after work, husband takes kids to math classes and house is so calm.

I hate it and feel like going to the math class to bring kids back home. Sometimes I go directly to math classes from work because I don’t want to be in the house without them. I know I am possessive and I am not yet prepared for my kids to leave my nest.

I always prefer a small house where kids are in front me. I always dared to take a big house in which I don’t know where they are until I call them asking where they are. I never give time out to my kids and lock them in their bedrooms. I have been advised that to discipline the child you  have to punish them not to come out of their bedroom for sometime. I will never ever do it.

I want everything to be done in the living room. Reading books,watching TV together,gossiping about friends,sharing secrets….I do give them their space and I too take some time for myself.

Varu was told by her friend that the moment her father comes home , the house has to calm if not her father gets irritated. Your house is made for you and kids. Your house is not complete without your kids. They talk,sing,chatter,fight…it’s like this until they go to bed….

Family that reads,eats,sits,chats,gossips together lives together. That’s my version of Family that’s eat together lives together.

Day 23 The weather network

Come winter the weather network website gets the maximum hits. Checking the weather in this part of the world is so crucial and it’s like a basic necessity. Everything is dependent on the weather. 

First thing in the morning is to check that days weather. And wear accordingly. For different temperature you have to wear different clothing ( got an idea) for another post.

The website The weather network almost gives accurate temperature hourly,weekly and monthly. And if we feed our address it’s tells the school kids how to dress up for winter.

We can sign up to get alerts as text messages on phone. If we go out without checking the website we will freeze. 

When I came to Canada I was confused why everyone are checking the temperature. In India news paper shows today’s temperature and that’s it. Here every hour temperature is checked. Later I realized that winter weather keeps on changing every hourly or every minute.

Our third day in Canada this incident happened. We thought checking temperature was foolish thing to do and we went out without checking. We were wearing light fleece jackets and flip flops. Sun was shining brightly. The moment we stepped out, strong cold wind welcomed us. Still we thought that’s ok. Took few more steps and our feet were frozen. We had to rush inside. Dressed up in layers and then venture out.

From then we check the weather and before going out.