Its been more than 15 days i posted in my both blogs nor commented in any blogs (few blogs i read but didn’t had time to comment).I just don’t know how the other bloggers are managing their time reading and posting regularly in there blogs.Maybe facebook is also the culprit.I log into my fb from my mobile and don’t open my laptop at all.

Since last few days maid is not coming and i had to do all the work at home,drop and pick the kids from school.I got an additional work of filling water everyday morning and evening.Filling water is such a headache in the summer (yes we got summer much before everyone).Our ground water level is reducing and we have just one hour water supply in the morning and evening.Ah never faced such problem before.And heights is that this water is not used for drinking and the drinking water i get weekly once.So i have to be very careful with the drinking water.

My house is in second floor and i get water only when the ground floor and the first floor people leave water for me.But people here are so selfish they brought big tanks and got it fixed in the bathrooms and everyday i am tensed  and wait for them to leave water so that i fill my buckets.This has became a big headache for me,sometimes i want to take the kids and run away from here and come back after summer.

Yesterday match between india and Aussie was wonderful.Hope we continue the winning spree and win against Pakistan.And i am sure all cities and villages in India and Pakistan will have self imposed curfew,virtually nothing will be done during the match.