God made mistake !!!!

Pinky has a friend is her class who is a special needs child. Some one told her that when god was making us he did a mistake and Juan is born that way. She says when we do mistake god punishes us if god does mistake who will punish him?? 

Here public schools take kids with special needs.They are not seen as different. Kids who are on wheel chair are specially brought to school in a bus designed for them. At school a teacher waits for that kid, brings him/her down the bus and very thing is mechanised. All the expenses are paid by the government. Then that teacher takes him/her into the school and other kids help in pushing his wheel chair around the school.If parents want to send their special needs kid to a private school government gives scholarships and tax breaks.

Joan’s motor skills are not same as grade 1 kid but he is made to sit in the grade 1 class. He passed kindergarten with them but there are different skill level are seen in those kids. Pinky says sometimes Joan doesn’t listens to teacher and she and other kids are called to explain to him. He listens a lot to pinky. When he is alone she gives him company by standing next to his wheel chair for entire recess when other kids are playing out. They are not ridiculed but kids in the school try to help them.

What i want to say it’s not their fault that they are born that way. Why to isolate them? Yes they can’t do what other kids do but that doesn’t mean that they have to be isolated and sent to a different school.