My young friend and 5 years of blogging….

He is my new friend in Canada, know him since last one year. His age would be around 70 years,spends full day at the our building lobby. Sparingly dressed for the winter. In summer he is always out of the building and in the small plaza in front of my building.

When I tell him to go home and sleep with a thick comforter he says he is a Punjabi and he is very strong and doesn’t feel the cold (temp then was -20).He says i am not old, i am a strong Punjabi.

Once I met him at 10 at night I asked him had roti. He said he ate and he is walking in the lobby so that he doesn’t get a stomach.

I have my key to enter the building but he always opens for me, I got so used to seeing him every night that inspite of having a key I will knock the glass door to get his attention to open the door for me.

If i don’t see him for two days i miss him…usually Saturday’s and Sunday’s he is not seen.

Once I saw him carrying a plastic bag with food and plate,he sits in one corner in the lobby to have his food. I heard he uses the washroom in the plaza. He sits in the bus stops and people talk to him. I am not sure how he communicates with them cause other than punjabi he doesn’t speak any language, I use signs to communicate with him.

There is so much of male syndrome in our country which we carry to other countries too and old parents get such a treatment from their offsprings. I heard this old man goes home only after his son comes home. He is outside the house when son goes for work. I pray god he should have some mercy on this old man to take him to a home. Sometimes I feel like calling 911 but not sure what action they will take.

Once I met him outside the plaza on a warm day and told him to go home, he didn’t answer me but with tears in his eyes he blessed me by keeping his hand on my head.

Hope he gets a solution.

31/12/2013 i complete 5 years of blogging. I thank all my friends and my readers for making this possible….Blogging has taught me to think in a different angle and improved my reading and writing skills.Love you all…..