Day 29 It’s jinxed

Me and my mixer/grinder never go well..In my 14 years of marriage I changed 5 to 6 mixiers.  My mom had sumeet mixie for 25 years. It was always me who used to use it. But don’t know what happened after my marriage each time I buy ends up getting spoiled. If I had to get it repaired I was told repair will cost same as the new one. I am talking about buying these stuff abroad.

This time I  carried a new Panasonic mixer as I have been advised that I don’t get them here and if i get them here they are very expensive.  So had enough space in my check in baggage and want to use the empty space I brought a mixer here.Was happy with my purchase.

It was doing quite well. Then one day In midst of grinding the batter my mixer thought of leaving me…Had to keep the half grinded batter in the fridge and started my hunt to get a good mixer. Went to couple of stores and brought one. Here we have an option of exchange or refund if you didn’t like what you brought. That way ended up exchanging few. Then at last got a good mixer with a glass jar.

Not many days passed using the glass jar, kid dropped it. Now I have the base but not the jar. Here we don’t get a spare jar.

Then brought magic bullet, which was damn good for grinding chutneys. But that too had a short shelf life in my house. But here I can exchange it for new one within one year. So exchanged it and brought the same one.

Above all the one which didn’t leave me is my wet grinder.I use it every week for dosa batter and sometimes for making vada. 

Waiting for my visit to India to get a new mixer 😉


I usually get sleep the moment I lay on my bed.I love my bed when it is freshly made.I love the smell of the sheets…that’s a bliss.

Sometimes I don’t get sleep and I have a trick to put myself to sleep.

I saw a telugu movie when I was a kid. The hero a fugitive is running from police and takes shelter at the heroine’s house. She tends to his wounds and when he says he is not getting sleep she tells him to recollect a film story and that will put him to sleep.

It works so well for me.When I don’t get sleep I recollect recently watched movie and if there is no movie I recollect a book I read it recently. There are some books which you can’t take it from your mind. I want to write about books. Next post will be about the books I read last year. Till then bye..sayonara. ..