My art work

I was interested in drawing and painting since school days.Art was taught to us in the school.These below paintings i did when i didn’t had anything do when i first went to oman after my marriage.I used to get bored of sitting idle at home as i was not able to get a decent job.What ever material i had at home i used to scribble some thing or other and  most of them i gave it my friends there.These are few which i have with me here.

With ceramic powder and cloth
Glass painting with foil behind
Painting on thermacol with water colours
Glass painting
With water colours
Painting with frabic colours on a dinner plate

I am alive

I am here in Hyderabad and very much alive.Its been more than a month i came here but didn’t get the internet connection at home.The reason behind not taking a connection is that i didn’t had my laptop with me.I was so stupid of leaving my laptop behind in that country and brought hubby’s laptop.Until i reached the hyd airport i didn’t realised that i brought hubby’s laptop with me.And i am sure no one would have done this or heard from anyone.

Past one month was hectic.First job was to get school admission for the kids.There is a school which is very near to my house.The day we landed we met the Principal and she told us that admissions for grade 2 are over and there is no way she can accommodate varu.But lucky one child took tc and varu got admission into class 2.Where as for pinky admission into nursery was quite easy.How she is having fun in the school is a big story by itself.I won’t bore you all with that.

Then i was sick for a long period of time.Now almost recovered but still on medication.Good that i came back to india,had it been in Dubai it would have been very tough to manage the house and the kids.Now again my mom came to my rescue,she took full responsibility of the kids and the house.Slowly i am doing the things myself.

I missed you all and will start coming to all your blogs soon……..