Lack of awareness

The word cancer is the most dreaded word in the English dictionary. And the word cancer is the most feared disease and cancer disease lacks awareness.

Cancer is unbearable to the patient and unbearable to the caretaker too. Even after the death the suffering of the patient haunts you. There is always a question what else you would have done to give a decent departure? The eyes of my mother used to ask me **relieve me from this pain and suffering** her helplessness ***.

Nobody guided us on palliative care. Hospital doesn’t want to waste their precious bed, turned us thrice saying nothing much we can do,no further treatment,take her home. Doctors are Gods whatever they say is right and we brought amma home.

We were desperate and exhausted as we don’t have anywhere go who can reduce amma’s pain and suffering. Very rapidly she was detorating it was unbearable to her and to us. Cancer patients looses dignity. The caretaker will do what he or she thinks is right. The caretaker has lack of knowledge,there is no awesomeness what so ever. The patient is on the mercy of the caretaker and the caretaker is helpless.

My mother had only two weeks,that’s when Google helped us with a hospice care in hyderabad. I won’t say god sent as I am not ready to accept that god helped my mother. If he had to help her,he would have guided much before and reduced her suffering,given her a dignified departure.

Hospice center in hyderabad is a nonprofit organization who give dignified departure to the terminally ill patients for whom treatment is no longer an option. Had my mother was in house,it would have been watch and wait for her departure. The suffering would have been continues.

Hospice team visited my mother and gave her dressing and pain relief medication and promised her that they will take her in their care. They gave my mother hope that they will end her sufferings. As promised sparsh hospice took my mother in their care. And she departed with a dignity,she breathed last in the hands of angels at sparsh hospice.

Had we known about Sparsh hospice or of palliative care my mother would have suffered less. In Canada there are homes attached to hospitals who shift patients from hospitals to the care homes. Where as in Hyderabad no hospital told us about the palliative care. The staff at the hospital should have acted as a human to reduce the suffering of a human. Why my mother has to suffer this much?

She suffered because of zero knowledge we have? She suffered because there is no cancer awesomeness?

She suffered because hospital refused to admit her because she was apparently a lost cause and they didn’t want to waste a precious hospital bed for a “doomed” patient?