When ever I see parents accompanying their children and grand kids I feel so happy. There would be many reasons for the parents to take the painful and exhaustive travel for more than 24 hrs. The reason can be they are coming for their daughter or daughter in laws delivery, they want to see their grand kids, son or daughter brought a house, son or daughter wants to show their parents how they live here and want to show them that country attractions or baby sit their kids.

Coming to my title. Clothing says who you are. Each country has their own traditional dress. Be it kimonos of Japan, sari of India,Kilts of Scotland, keffiyeh of Middle East etc gives an identity from where you come. When I was a new comer here a guy asked me I belong to which country and upon telling him  I am from India, he said I love Sarees and his neighbour hood has many Indian families and he see many women wearing them.

I grew up seeing my grandmother,my mother,my aunties and my older cousins wearing only Sarees. And much younger cousins started wearing chudidhars. In olden days girls used to wear long skirts and blouses which is known as langas, then in teen they wear half sarees amd then after marriage they wear Sarees. But the current generation wear Saree occasionally and chudidhars have replaced Saree. I am not sure whether my granny,mom or aunts ever wanted to wear other clothing then the Saree. Or because what others say they snubbed their wish of wearing other dresses.

So when a parent is called to a foreign country why they are made to wear chudidhars. Are they ashamed to see their mom wearing a Saree. Entire life she wored  Sarees and because she has to come to see you and your kids she has to change. I am not sure how comfortable she would be in a chudidhars. There is a other side too, if your mom always wanted to wear and now she is getting an opportunity to wear it then that’s well good. But children forcing her to stop wearing a Saree because you are in a foreign country, that’s not good.

In my old apartment I had a neighbour. At home she used to wear a Saree but when out of the house with her children she used to wear chudidhar. My mom we never spoke about what to wear. She used to wear what she is comfortable in. This aunty told my mother that entire life she never wored a chudidharsand before coming here her son told her to get few chudidhars to wear here. She was waiting to go back so that she will wear Sarees. This aunty was a retired collector.

My point here is let them wear what they want. Because she is coming here don’t force her to wear which she is not comfortable in. As I said before if she is willingly wear it than, that’s ok.


 Concrete Jungle

11 more days for my vacation. I am enjoying every bit of my vacation but I am logging to go back and lie down on my bed in my home there. I am worried about my indoor plants and my friend squirrel.

Here I am meeting my friends whom I didn’t see for more than five to six years. And most of them live quite far from my house. Commuting here is a big draw back in the city. With bad roads and traffic it’s a Herculean task.  Saving grace here is the Ola and Uber. Thanks to ola and uber getting a cab is much easier than buying a chocolate.

Been to few friends houses and it makes me feel sad by seeing the concrete jungle. There is so vegetation, it’s just those high rise Apartments and cannot see any vegetations. Been to a friend’s house which was on 10th floor. I tried to see beyond what my eyes can see for greenery. But I was disappointed, no site of green colour. Sometimes I am really blessed to live in a place where there is no pollution. My kids can play outside without wearing a mask on their noses.Atleast they play outside for six months. Can spot cats,squirrels and birds.

It’s a big chaos on the roads. Metro project is going on now and roads are full of potholes and construction materials. Top of that no one follows traffic rules.

I am enjoying my chaos..

Mixed feelings

I have been away from my home town since last 12 years. And almost every year I used to visit my home town and I lived there for 3 years when I had my babies and some financial issues.

This is the longest period that I didn’t go back home. Yes I call my home town my home even when I am well settled in Canada. That’s where I have my mom,my sisters and my memories.

Today sitting at the airport I have mixed feelings. I planned this trip 90 days back and each day I was trying to make myself believe that yes indeeded I am going home. Until I checked in the airport I didn’t believe that I am going. Now slowly it’s seeping in that yes I am going back home.

Everyday I used to check number of days left for my vacation. I have not taken a vacation since last 4 years.

Have gone through anxiety,happiness,depression and gratitude in the last few days.

Waiting for the moment I step out of the airport and hug my mom and my sister…and my nephew and my b-law.

New year again

For me 1st January is just another day except that I got a holiday on that day. Even at my parents house we never waited till the clock strikes 12:00 to wish everyone happy new year. We slept like every other night on 31st December and wished everyone in the morning.

New year reminds me of addition of one more year to my age.This year I am taking much awaited vacation. I have not taken a vacation since last four years, has been working straight. 

Due to Christmas and holidays work has been very hectic and it’s taking toll on my health. Badly in need of a break.

Last year winter has been very harsh with snow storm and freezing rain. It’s predicted that this year too the same weather continues. So another three months of winter. 

Bye for now and hope you all had a wonderful beginning this year….

My friend is back….

I thought I will not see my friend till spring. But husband pointed me to my friend saying my friend is back.

I had a bucket of atta which I have not used for few months and I didn’t want to use it. So I kept the bucket in my backyard so I dispose it when we have organic waste disposal day. With the wind the lid flew away and my friend got its food.

First thing in the morning husband spotted my friend. Photo opportunity for me. It did posed for the picture and went to bring her friends. 

Day 30 I didn’t say not again….

Thirty days of writing here was fun and not even one day I felt why I started.

I always run from challenges. It’s not that I am afraid of it but I don’t have confidence that I will finish the challenge.

This is the first time that I took a challenge and I am patting my back saying that I did well. Sometimes you need to pat your back yourself :).

Thanks to Swati for adding me with others to take this challenge inspite of knowing that I am very irregular in posting.

So what I got from this thirty days challenge.

  • My brain got a good work out.
  • No negative thoughts and no bad memories.
  • I will stop cribbing that I don’t have time.Every evening wrote a post. Came to know that time management is also something which I should learn.
  • Was able to visit all my old favourite blogs.
  • Got inspirations by reading everyone.
  • Happy to read many new blogs.
  • Above all got a grown up daughter who likes to eat biryani 365 days.

This is not an end but a beginning……

Day 29 Am I Religious ?

Am i religious?? Yes

Religious means going to temple and doing puja?  No i do go to temple but i dont know to do any puja other than lighting lamp in front of god every day morning.

For me going to temple is for peace, the peace i don’t get any where sitting,standing or what ever. I like the calm peaceful environment. I don’t go to temple to wade of my fear.

I want my kids to know that we belong to one of the religion in the world not the only religion in the world.

I haven’t read any religious books till now don’t know if i ever read them.

Had i have not seen Mahabharat or Ramayan on TV i wouldn’t have known much of Hindu gods.

My mom has Bhagwat Geeta,Bible and Quran in her pooja room. But i never made an attempt to read any of them, nor questioned my mom why she is having other religion books in her pooja room. I don’t know whether she read them all.

I made few attempts to remember Hanumana Chalissa but failed miserably so I make it a point to listen to it everyday morning. I tell my kids to listen. There is something in it which gives you strength and removes fear. I listen to Hindi and also Telugu version of it.

Few times I went to church and Gurudwara. I got the same peace here as well. I always want to visit Golden temple in Punjab.

But been religious doesn’t mean that I follow the faith blindly. There are many things which I don’t like in the religion. I follow a religion but I dont follow it blindly.