Meri ma.

I want to say much to you but my voice chokes and I get emotional when I speak to you every Saturday and Sunday. I choose to speak to you on weekends because I don’t want any disturbance while talking to you and I want to absorb your voice.

My Saturday and Sundays are so dull when I don’t hear your voice. We may disagree with many things, we argue a lot but my waiting to talk to you starts when I hang up call on a Sunday morning.

I cannot live without talking to you, my biggest regret which I carry till my death is leaving you and Hyderabad. Sometimes I wonder, I never had a reason to leave Hyderabad…

You are a single mom who raised three daughters. You are a fighter. All your life you were fighting and this fight also you will win like your previous fights. You are stronger than you think.

Wait for me amma.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 





Value what you have

This week has been a very rough week for me and fans of Rishi Kapoor and Irfan khan. The Two most favorites actors of Indian cinema passed way. Both battled cancer and died. Two days first thing in the morning I read in the news was the death of two versatile actors.

Whenever I hear or read about death, my dad comes in front of me. I recollect all that happened on this day in 1997 as if it happened yesterday. My eyes try to capture him more and more because I feel after today I won’t see him. I have his picture in my shrine which I see everyday but seeing in blood and picture is different. He comes in my dreams very often and the dreams are pleasant. The other day I dreamt that he passed away and was going to see to a mortuary.

I was watching a Rishi Kapoor’s movie in which he says value your father when you have him. I may have not listened to him or maybe I disobeyed him, not sure if I have valued him when he was alive. My greatest regret in my life was not obeying him on that day. He told me to get an auto.

That was the last talk and eye contact i had with him. I should have gone to get the auto,at least he would have been calm as while leaving the house he looked upset,maybe he was not well and wanted to avoid a walk?

I have to learn to value what I have.


Canada lost 1 million jobs in March and USA lost 22 million jobs due to pandemic. 25 million jobs would be lost worldwide due to Covid-19.

The company I work for is thanking my kids for allowing me to work during these difficult days. This should be the other way, I should thank my company for allowing me to work from home.

Many people are losing jobs, the future is uncertain. The government is giving financial assistance because of the job loss but what will happen when the situation becomes normal. Do the people who lost jobs, will get jobs?  What will happen when the financial assistance from the government stops? 

My family is very fortunate. Mine and husband’s job comes under essentials and we both have jobs. The husband’s job is a bit tough but mine got much easier, thanks to DHL for allowing me to work from home. I do miss work at the office but it’s nothing like to be safe at home.   If I go out there are chances that I get infected and I infect my family members.

What this work from home did to me — I have slowed down a lot. My routine is changed now. I don’t have any time set now either for me or kids. I don’t get up at 5.00 am, I don’t do things in a rush, I don’t stuff my mouth with breakfast, I don’t cook more for next day, I am eating fresh, no food from the fridge, I take my tea everyday morning, I don’t skip my exercise…there has been so much change…


And on top of all this DHL is making me smile with this lovely gesture. I am a proud employee of DHL. May this company reach great heights and thanks to top management who run this company.

The day I received this card and gifts, DHL driver came to my house and his smile was infectious. He is on the road delivering couriers with a smile.  When I asked the driver how are you? He replied with a smile saying great and I am on my job delivering gifts to DHL employees kids.

The wording on the card says so much.  We care for you and your family, thanking for working from home, It makes me feel I am wanted and I am a valuable asset to the company, I am a part of supplying essentials to people during this hard days… Thank you, DHL for this lovely gesture.