Snow Storm

Today we had the worst snow storm in 3 years. Schools were closed and we didn’t go to offices. Trains and buses were late. We had wonderful time playing in the snow. Leaving you all with few pictures.


Knee deep snow
Knee deep snow
A child in me...
A child in me…
Had hard time with pinkuda...she didn't want to come in...
Had hard time with pinkuda…she didn’t want to come in…

Cars deep in snow..Cars deep in snow..


Teach Them Young

Here teaching is very different when compared to India. Pinkuda doesn’t has anything to do at home after coming from school. She is told by her teacher to choose a book from the school library every week and she has only that book to read at home. She is 5 years and yet to know words. When she was in India she used to bring loads of home work of  two and three letter words. Here they are still in teaching letters. School doesn’t want to put pressure on kids and they leave the kids to take their own time to learn and memorize the things. This post is about a issue which is mostly written and spoken in India and was shown in Amir Khan’s Satyamava Jayathe, it is about Bad and Good Touch.

Pinkuda had a class about good and bad touch. She came home and told me that her sir said KEEP YOUR HANDS FOR YOURSELF, don’t touch others. This sentence is for those who un-necessarily touch others and for those who are the victim of those touches. I felt they are teaching both the victims and culprits that it’s not OK to touch. My mom used to say the things learnt at the younger age is hard to forget like the saying “Old habits die hard”. So if we teach our kids not to touch others at the young age and they will practice the same thing when they grow old.