There is no escape…….

The lok pal bill mostly targets the politicians and government servants.What about the bribe one has to pay to get the basic things.To get gas connection one has to bribe the auto driver who delivers the gas to the house.My friend paid Rs.8000/- for a connection which would have cost him Rs.6000 if he had gone in a queue (this is in the private sector) and he would have got the connection in 3 months times.

Daughter was not well and was visiting the pediatrician  almost everyday and everyday his attendant was charging Rs.100/- when I asked her she says it is compulsory to pay everyday Rs.100/- for doctor consultation.I am sure no doctor will charge Rs.100 from the patient everyday.The rule what doctors here follow is the patient pays Rs.150 to doctor and can go to doctor for a week without paying.It made me sick when she asked me money when I was in hurry to take my daughter to get admitted in the hospital.Luckily the children hospital where I admitted her was not that commercial compared to what we see in the corporate hospital.

Here in summer we used to get power cuts for 2 hours everyday.But if you have a function at home just pay the line men some amount that day entire area won’t have power cut.We used to pray for some functions/parties in my area.

Because of summer we are having water shortages.We have to book for a water tank and it is delivered on the first come first serve basis but if we bribe the driver Rs.100/- he gets it immediately after the booking.

To replace a gas cylinder we have to call and book it.Then they give a time of 15 days to get a full cylinder.The cylinder is given within 10 days to the auto driver but he sells it to the hotels at a Rs.800 when the cost of one cylinder is Rs.350.00.

Once a traffic police caught us and asked us to show the papers,the person who was driving the car showed him all the papers which were required and the policemen was quite upset on seeing all the correct papers.He was desperate to catch us and he asked us to show the insurance document.And the renewal of the vehicle insurance was due that month end and there was enough time for the renewal.But policemen started arguing and asking questions why we didn’t renew it.The thing is he wanted some money from us and we were not ready to pay him.

Most of the traffic signals has cameras to monitor the traffic as well as the policemen who take bribes.But our police personnel are quite smart they go into the bylanes to catch people and take bribe from them.

Even temple priest are bribed so that he utters our name when doing pujas.

Today The Times of India has an article on corruption in rural areas.Rural households paid Rs.470 cr bribe for basic services.

“Rural people pay Rs.1-2 get a family member examined as an out-patient,mostly to get the OPD cards and Rs.900/- to avail diagnostic services such as X-ray,blood or urine tests at a government hospital”.

“To get an application form for ration card one has to pay Rs.5/-.”

“”Rs.700-800 to get scholarship or admission in schools.”

Check here for the rest of the article

The thing I wanted to say is for survival one can’t escape bribing the corrupt people,he can be government servant or non government.There is no end……