I always get fascinated with long never ending roads…the turns the road takes and the flora on the sidewalks of the road. Below are the pics which i was able to take in last few years.



I grew up in house where there was lot of greenery around the house. I just love the smell of wet soil after a down pour. And when you brush against a tree the little droplets touches your skin..and the walk in the wet grass with bare foot…watering the plants…taking out the weeds…..plucking guava..rubbing against your dress..not caring to wash it and eat it. In spite of trying to save a plant, the plant dies and it breaks your heart…Then start hunting for a sampling. Peek at neighbours garden and look for it at a friends place. I never cut flowers from the plant,there are beautiful on the plant not in our living rooms.Wish i had taken pictures of plants and trees then.

After getting married never had a chance to live in a house.It’s always apartment buildings, there too tried to have some plants in the pots. Didn’t had many. Due to water scarcity in Hyderabad few of plants died. Then i didn’t had much because of water scarcity in Hyderabad is at peak during summers and scarcity still there most of the year.

Then relocated to Canada. Here too lived in a apartment buildings had few indoor plants. Here at the start of spring all groceries stores sell samplings.Brought few and planted them in my back yard. Now i moved to my dream home with a backyard and front yard. I just love the time i spend in the evening to water my small garden. Have to enjoy this weather only for few more months and then the snow 🙂

My favourite corner in my living room