My good friend

Some people show so much of concern you wonder what that person can be called…friend,well-wisher,good human being….

We have one car for both of us. I drop kids at the school and husband drops me to work and takes the car. Most of the time its husband who uses the car for work and I am yet to get my car. I always been travelling in train and buses since I came to Canada and the transportation is too good here, buses are on time. I get to use the car when husband is at home and I go out with kids to nearby places like library, groceries etc..

Some times the temp is too low as -30 – -40 degrees. Husband can’t come to pick me as kids will be at home and he can’t leave kids at home un-attend and also it’s not a good idea to take kids out when the temp is too low.

I am done at 6:00 pm and I have a bus at 6:02 pm. I get ready before 6:00 and I  swipe my card I run to catch the bus. Here drivers will stop the bus only at the bus stop not an inch here and there. So  i had to be at the bus stop by 6:02 pm and even if the driver sees me running to the bus he won’t stop at any other place then the bus stop.

Since last few month a new driver started coming. Once i asked him what time the bus is schedule to stop at my bus stop. He said I can wait till 6:05 pm at the stop. So explained him my situation and every day he stops at the bus stop until myself and friend take the bus. That’s wonderful gesture by him. If he doesn’t see me at the bus stop he looks at the direction I walk to the bus stop and he used to ask my friend if I am coming or not. So when ever I was not taking the bus I used to inform by friend that I am not coming who in turn used to tell that to the driver.

From last week his route has changed and he longer comes with that bus. Now I had to wait till 6:12 pm for another bus, had the weather is good I don’t mind waiting. I  always used to be so tensed to run to the bus stop and after talking to him I was not tensed and confident that he will wait for me. Waiting at the bus stop is horrible in this weather. I pray that he comes back to this route.

4 Years of Blogging

31/12/2008 was the day i started my blog. Till then i was not aware that i too can write and will be appreciated by my readers. Before blogging i am not able to express myself, the best last thing i used to do was scribble on a paper my emotions and tear that off after few days. My schoolmate introduced me to blogging as all my readers and friends knew about it as i keep on mentioning about him.

Thanks to all my friends,readers and people who follow my blog. Your appreciation and kind words made me to complete 4 years of blogging.

Learnt a lot through reading you all my friends. Some post of yours have changed me as a person, made me sensitive towards others, encouraged me, made me smile, made me laugh, made me cry, made me appreciate small things in life, started liking dogs and cats and many things which i am not able to express in words.

Love you all and super tight hugs to be there for me…..

Last snow picture for this year 😉

snow 005

My LiTtLe BiG gIrL

Yesterday varu was reading a book and in that book she saw one recipe of sandwich.She came running to me and said amma i wanted to make this sandwich for you all for dinner.Today you don’t cook for us,you just sit on the dinning table i will serve you the sandwich.

She made a list of things she needs.Peanut butter,bread and banana.We all went out to bring them.Then she proudly made the sandwich and served us.Love you baby……

My baby she will be 7 years old next month.She was so tiny and fragile when she was months old and i was scared to put my hands on her thinking that my hand weight she can’t bear it.Now she sleeps putting her legs and hands around me.

Now she knows how a baby comes out from mothers tummy.Till she saw Robo movie she was thinking that doctor will make a cut on mothers tummy and will take out the baby and will stitch it with a needle and thread.After seeing robo movie she came to  me and said to me that amma(mom) rajni uncle removed the baby from the down.I was shocked,i didn’t know what to say.We all watched the movie and i didn’t changed the channel when rajni(robot) was delivering a baby.

Love u beta 🙂

Shame on me i didn’t celebrate my blog 2nd birthday on 31st december 2010.This post of rashmi reminded me that i too completed 2 years in blogging.Thank you so much for bearing me and encouraging me.