Time pass/Time waste

I really don’t understand how can anyone watch these serials.Serials like choti bahu,Pratigya,Pavitra rishtey and many more.I agree people who are retired and want to pass their time by watching these serials. These serials producers are minting money.In some telugu channels a question is asked after the end of each episode and they will send one pattu (silk) saree for each winner chosen in a draw.I just hate to watch these serials.

The most common things i have noticed are :-

All the females wear cheap designer sarees/outfits

All wear high heels in the house

All the married females wear those black beeds chains

There is always a vamp who wants to spoil the relationship between a newly married couples.

All the actors go to sleep with their shirts tucked in.

All the stories revolve around the same plot.

There is always a granny in all the serials who holds the beads and does jap.

Most of the families live in palatial houses.

There is always a bahu (d-law) who is snubbed.

Each scene has a different back ground music.  And this back ground music makes people run to the TV not to miss the scene.

Most of the actors and actress participate in reality shows.

I don’t know how much these serials reflect the society…..

PS:- This post was there in my drafts since long. Uma post made me to post this.



Good it happened…..

Last two years were tough.Good it happened it made me a better person and it made me strong to cope with the situations.I pray i won’t get to see those years again.Was stressed out too much.

Much was spent in a hope that husband will get a job he was desiring in hyderabad but we were wrong in that.He didn’t get proper opening and he got a better job in Dubai.We gave 2 years time for ourselves and now that company doesn’t want him to leave them.

But some where a decision has to be taken and we are here.A new chapter in our life and as people here say kids will just love this place and will get adjusted soon.

Living alone was only possible with my mom and my immediate family support.  And i thank them all for the emotional and mental support.I should not miss thanking my house help and my building watchmen.They both were very helpful. Any time of the day they answered my call,be it getting medicine from pharmacy, accompanying me at night,looking after the kids when i am went out or getting me a pizza etc……Now they both are helping my mother the way they did for me.

During those two years my best companion were my kids off course husband used to call everyday. Pinkuda missed her bad so badly that in the middle of night she used to search for him on the bed.And when he was with us she never used to take him out of her sight.He used to give her bath,feed her,take her to school,change her dress etc…….But when he left us she used to be depressed and used to behave very strangely.Now everything has come to an end and she is very happy to be with her dad.Now she ignores him a lot cause she nows he won’t leave us and go to Dubai.I should say sorry to kids for going through all this.

Those two years people have written me off,my financial status was questioned but i never answered them because i knew all this were temporary and i always believe in Sunshine after Dark.

Summer is back….

I love summer mainly because i can get up late,no need for the kids to get up early and rush to school.During this summer holidays i can do my work leisurely no need to hurry up.Will be cooking much as i have to feed the two always hungry mouths with snacks and cool drinks…Has to see that my fridge is always full with the mangoes and Taati Munjalu (Toddy palm fruit).Brought taati munjalu yesterday and within no time they got over.Taati munjalu is popular summer fruit in Andhra.They are known as Tari in hindi,Nungu in tamil more details are here.

Waiting for relatives and friends to give raw mango pickle.That is the one thing which i have not tried nor will i try.So uma waiting for my parcel of pickle and i am sure you will make an awesome pickles and podis.

The thing i hate about summer is the water.Last year too i ranted about by water woes and the picture is same as last year.Every day morning i crib of not getting water as we are in the second floor.People on the ground floor hoard so much of water which if given to me will last for a week.How much i crib the situation won’t change.For this i am waiting for the summer to get over fast and we get rains here so that water level increases and i get enough water.

House is in a big mess and uma will vouch for it.She might have got a shock seeing my walls with full of art work by Pinkuda.I am just waiting for her to stop scribbling on the wall so that i will colour my walls with my choice of colours rather than plain white.

Leaving you all with a poem written by Varunavi…

“”Deep in my heart when ever you cry ,

I get cry first in my heart.

And then in my face,

Please don’t cry….””


Pinks: Nanu (dad) is a Lion king

Me:- Why?

Pinks: Nanu is big,eats more then us and watches cricket.


Once we went to a house warming ceremony.And after coming back pinks wanted a new house.I said i don’t have money to buy one,she said no problem amma i will give you my piggy bank you buy a new house with that.Wish i could buy a house with the kids piggy bank.


Pinks:- Amma i want to climb a cow 😀 😀 😀 😀


I brought Honda activa few days back.Pinks said amma why you brought honda activa you should have brought a bus.In bus we all (myself,varu,pinks,husband,grand mother,cousins and school friends) can go.


These days most of the advertisement target the kids,be it a detergent powder or the shampoo.When ever i take kids to the super markets i end up buying the items of kids choice be it a detergent powder or shampoo or oil.Sometimes even my sanitary towels are also my kids choice,they don’t know what are sanitary towels but the aunty in the tv commercials says it absorbs well and leak proof you buy it amma (varu  said this once)

Theen Mahena Baad…..

I am not sure if i can write “I AM BACK”,this is 3rd time i neglected my blog.Its been quite hectic at home not finding time to write.One reason for not finding time is Facebook.What ever little time i am getting is spent on FB and chatting with friends.Everday i login to write something which is going in my mind but end up in FB or reading something else.

Time is just flying past.Its almost 9 months and more 3 months for the new year.Time to sit and think what i did in this year and what i should not carry forward to the next year (i meant mistakes etc…)

Since last month i started going to Gym.I know it is not possible to come back to shape cause i neglected it and  there has been many changes since past 10-11 years.But what’s wrong in giving a try.So almost everyday two hours are spent there and i am enjoying my ME time there with other females.I am loving it……

Kids are having quarterly exams from 19th september and not sure our pink leaders (TRS) will allow the kids to go to school.They have called a band today and planning to continue their agitation for separate Telangana.After exams kids are having holidays for 10 days.Its festival season now.First is dusheera followed by Diwali then Christmas and New year.Planning to do lots of shopping alone with the kids minus husband.

Had school re-union after 20 long years.It was quite emotional to see the old school board and the classes.Met school buddies after 20 years and no one has changed,only appearance has changed.Had so much fun after ages.Left kids with mom and was out for full day and this was the second time i left my kids and i went all alone.Thank you buddies for making that day a memorable day.

What brought a smile???

Took varu to a pediatrician as she is down with throat infection.I am visiting this doctor after 14 years.I didn’t introduce myself to him as i went today as a mother of a sick child.To my surprise when he saw me he recognized me and said “why you left Cipla”.Oh my god he remembers me as a girl who used to work in Cipla in the year 1997.I was so happy and i was all smiling.Doctors sees many companies representatives everyday and he remembered me and my company.I am so happy today.I miss u Cipla……

Not only the doctor but the attender  too recognized me and said madam you make forget me but I remember you very well,you are from cipla and you are the few girls who are in these jobs and you used to come by kinetic Honda.Now this made me miss my kinetic honda.

Pinky saw me going to doctor by walk and she felt bad.When i came back this is what she said

Pinky: Amma I will buy pink scooter and you sit behind me and I will take you where ever you want.

Me:-What about varunavi ?

Pinky:For a moment she was silent then said in front me there is one hole and varunavi will sit in that hole (she meant the leg space in front of the driver)

My LiTtLe BiG gIrL

Yesterday varu was reading a book and in that book she saw one recipe of sandwich.She came running to me and said amma i wanted to make this sandwich for you all for dinner.Today you don’t cook for us,you just sit on the dinning table i will serve you the sandwich.

She made a list of things she needs.Peanut butter,bread and banana.We all went out to bring them.Then she proudly made the sandwich and served us.Love you baby……

My baby she will be 7 years old next month.She was so tiny and fragile when she was months old and i was scared to put my hands on her thinking that my hand weight she can’t bear it.Now she sleeps putting her legs and hands around me.

Now she knows how a baby comes out from mothers tummy.Till she saw Robo movie she was thinking that doctor will make a cut on mothers tummy and will take out the baby and will stitch it with a needle and thread.After seeing robo movie she came to  me and said to me that amma(mom) rajni uncle removed the baby from the down.I was shocked,i didn’t know what to say.We all watched the movie and i didn’t changed the channel when rajni(robot) was delivering a baby.

Love u beta 🙂

Shame on me i didn’t celebrate my blog 2nd birthday on 31st december 2010.This post of rashmi reminded me that i too completed 2 years in blogging.Thank you so much for bearing me and encouraging me.