Happy New Year – 2011


Dear All.

May the dawning of this New Year,

Open up for you new horizons,
Fill your heart with new hopes and bring for you Promises of brighter tomorrows!

Here’s wishing you happiness and prosperity in the New Year!”

Have a wonderful year……….


Looking back at the year….

How time is running so fast,feeling as if we celebrated new year yesterday and now we are at the end of the year 2010.

There has been many up and downs in this year. Health has suffered a lot but putting all these things aside this year has fabulous and wonderful.The first was coming back home and making the kids settle in their new school and surroundings.Its a nice feeling to be with mom after 8 years of coming out from the house and also to be near to sisters.

Met friends after a gap of 6 years and now still few are there whom i am planning to catch up soon.

Now about virtual friends,now they are just a phone call way.Hardly called anyone when i was in Dubai but here i am keeping in touch with them through sms.

Old laptop is spoiled beyond repair all the data is still there in the laptop.Good thing is got a new chocolate colour laptop.

Had a wonderful vacation in Canada.Myself and kids enjoyed a lot.

Lost  aunt due to old age.

Met Mama after 3 years,he is recovering from a head injury in which he lost his memory.That day was a happy family re-union where mama and mom hugged each other and he recognized mom which was much to everyone surprise as he lost his memory.Both cried of happiness.

This year Hyderabad is in chaos with bund for everything and fasting unto death has become a routine things.Then the drama of forcing the leader who is fasting to the hospital,then one leader secretly drinks juice and later government accepts his demand.One leader made fool of himself and he fasted for 8 days and went home empty-handed as govt didn’t accept his demand. Government was ready to accept a separate state but not the increase in the ex-gratia to farmers.Hope coming year will be peaceful in Hyderabad.

Weather also played havoc this year.There were too many cyclones and rains.The results was much crop were lots.Babus are busy demanding separate and poor farmers are on the verge to kill themselves as all their crops are lost and there is no hope from the government.

Has reduced a lot in this year after coming back to hyderabad.Just 3 kgs more of my ideal weight of 56 kgs.

Have a wonderful year ahead,may all your wishes get fulfilled in the coming year.Happy New Year.