You’ll know it’s spring

You hear the bird’s chirping.



You see tender leaves coming on the barren branches.


You see its all green colours which took place of pristine white.

You see flowers blooming from no where.


They are no traces of snow

You see kids playing in the back yard.

You see its all colour full at the public places, train stations, bus stops, shopping malls instead of uniform colour of Black.

When sandals and slippers took the place of high leather boots and snow boots.

You no longer carry bags to carry your winter stuff.

You see kids in frocks and shorts in place of snow pants and jackets.

You don’t take much time to get dressed up.

You see pinky happily running in the house with her slip on.

Food gets defrosts quickly.

You switch on the fan and no longer use the heater.

Sun sets at 8.00 pm

You don’t stock much food in the fridge and prefer eating fresh.

You change your winter car tyres.

You see people on the road using cycles and scooter as mode of transport in place of buses and taxis.

You have to iron your clothes which were hiding in your winter jackets.

You no longer go out with your house clothes which are under your winter jackets.

You no longer need lights till 8.00 pm

You can walk on the road without fear of tripping and breaking your bones.

When most of the outlets sell plants along with the soil.



Things i did since last few months

Its been a while i had posted anything in my blog.Been busy and 24 hours seems to be less.

Time just flies,the year is coming to end.The year has been a good year till now and hope it will the same for the coming new year.Had many ups and downs in this year,there has been a major change with regard to my profession and my qualification.First time sat in a class after 12 years of leaving college.Can’t express what i felt that day sitting in the class after so many years.On a lighter note when i was asked my passing year by my lecturer……came to know that  i was the eldest in the class and since then my lecturer is calling me “madam”.

Have not done any experiment with the cooking,it is just the routine food i am cooking hence there is no update in my food blog too.Used to post wordless Wednesday and that too stopped since two weeks.Did satyanarayana pooja last week at home for the first time after marriage (10 years back).Some how we both never got an opportunity to do the pooja at home and this time we did.We invited very close relatives for lunch and we had a very good time.

Did few crochet things this year and once again thanks to crafty for introducing me to such a beautiful work.

Honeybee mittens
Honeybee mittens
Coin pouch
Coin pouch
honey bee
honey bee
Phone pouch
Phone pouch
Crochet Bag
Crochet Bag
Camera case
Camera case

Edited to add

These are the few things i did.

The patterns are from these sites:-

Honey bee fingerless mittens from Crochetme

Coin Pouch from crochetnmore

Honey bee from favecrafts

Spider from greatamigurumi

Crochet bag from Crochetme

Phone pouch from cats rockin

Camera case cats rockin

Slippers from