When ever I see parents accompanying their children and grand kids I feel so happy. There would be many reasons for the parents to take the painful and exhaustive travel for more than 24 hrs. The reason can be they are coming for their daughter or daughter in laws delivery, they want to see their grand kids, son or daughter brought a house, son or daughter wants to show their parents how they live here and want to show them that country attractions or baby sit their kids.

Coming to my title. Clothing says who you are. Each country has their own traditional dress. Be it kimonos of Japan, sari of India,Kilts of Scotland, keffiyeh of Middle East etc gives an identity from where you come. When I was a new comer here a guy asked me I belong to which country and upon telling him  I am from India, he said I love Sarees and his neighbour hood has many Indian families and he see many women wearing them.

I grew up seeing my grandmother,my mother,my aunties and my older cousins wearing only Sarees. And much younger cousins started wearing chudidhars. In olden days girls used to wear long skirts and blouses which is known as langas, then in teen they wear half sarees amd then after marriage they wear Sarees. But the current generation wear Saree occasionally and chudidhars have replaced Saree. I am not sure whether my granny,mom or aunts ever wanted to wear other clothing then the Saree. Or because what others say they snubbed their wish of wearing other dresses.

So when a parent is called to a foreign country why they are made to wear chudidhars. Are they ashamed to see their mom wearing a Saree. Entire life she wored  Sarees and because she has to come to see you and your kids she has to change. I am not sure how comfortable she would be in a chudidhars. There is a other side too, if your mom always wanted to wear and now she is getting an opportunity to wear it then that’s well good. But children forcing her to stop wearing a Saree because you are in a foreign country, that’s not good.

In my old apartment I had a neighbour. At home she used to wear a Saree but when out of the house with her children she used to wear chudidhar. My mom we never spoke about what to wear. She used to wear what she is comfortable in. This aunty told my mother that entire life she never wored a chudidharsand before coming here her son told her to get few chudidhars to wear here. She was waiting to go back so that she will wear Sarees. This aunty was a retired collector.

My point here is let them wear what they want. Because she is coming here don’t force her to wear which she is not comfortable in. As I said before if she is willingly wear it than, that’s ok.


My Driving Story…..

I started driving here after much push from husband. He threatened many times not to take me any where until i get my driving licence. I got my dubai licence converted here but still i had to do a road test. Gave my written test two years back but didn’t give my road test. Was very happy commuting by train and buses. Went for few classes and the instructor told me that i will never get my licence. So changed my instructor and even she had her own doubts about me passing the test. The reason for their lack of confidence is my parking skills :D. Yes i am severely challenged when it comes to parking.  I can’t park straight or reverse. I had to move the car many times to park it in between the yellow lines.

Now on the day of the test my instructor asked me if i am sure of giving my test. I told her yes..what will happen it’s either pass or fail. I went to the test center and did some practice before the test. The examiner got into the car and told me to start the car. My god my legs were shaking and once i am on the road got my confidence. Then at the end came the parking test much to my horror. The examiner told me to do reverse parking. She told me to park in no.1 parking and i ended up parking in no.2 slot. Much to my surprise she passed me. Was happy that i don’t need to give my test again also happy that i beat husband in the test. He passed in his third attempt ;).

Then i had to take revenge on my previous instructor who told me that i will never pass. That day i saw him at the test center and i went up to him and told him that i passed the test on first attempt !!!!!

Now everyday i drop kids at school and my car has one steering and three drivers. The school is 5 mintues drive from the house and daughters keep on giving commentary sitting behind. I love to drive with them and want to go on a road trip. I had this dream of going with the kids,me driving since i saw this titan ad. But reverse of the role i will be driving and kids sitting with me.

Summer Time

It’s been a while i updated my blog… It’s summer time and kids are at home.  Took a break from work will start working again after summer holidays. Kids are getting super bored at home and finding ways to entertain them…. Summer here is quite annoying. I have seen summer where the temperature goes above 50 degrees. Here maximum temp is 37-39 degrees but the day is hot till 9-10 in the night. The sun sets at 8.00 pm and rises pretty early. And the humidity is quite high. I enjoyed winter here than the summer.

Kids are happy to be home and here kids have whole hot of summer activities. One of them is the reading club in the local library. I have enrolled them in the club and each kid can pick up upto 50 books from the library. They gave them a passport in which they have to record the books they read and show them in the library. For each book read they give them a sticker and a chance to enter into a draw. After two months there will be a draw and the lucky kid gets to eat at Baskin robbins ice cream parlour. And also every week they have a movie for the kids, magic show and animals show.


Every day evening i take kids out for a bi-cycle ride or to play in the park.

IMG_0660[1]  Feeding ducks at the park

IMG_0522[1] Fun at the park

IMG_0545[1]  Burger for whole family 😀

Have to share this picture here 😀


Jelly beans—Sai baba’s prasad.



I want to give imitations for my birthday. Pinky meant invitations for her birthday. She has been planning for her birthday since feb. She is 6 years old today and i remember how tiny she was when she was born, she was under weight and always used to sleep. My sister used to tell me your kids wanted you to rest that’s why they sleep off as soon I finish feeding them. Touchwood I never had a trouble with both my kids when they were babies. They made it a point that I sleep well during nights, never used to get up at nights after 3rd month.

 She is the same bubbly girl who does what she wants, very determined with her choices. Her taste and choices are the same. Always prefer pink colour and even if she doesn’t choose pink colour we end up buying only pink for her. She just hates to be called baby and I love teasing her by calling her baby. The moment I call her baby she runs behind me and it is like Jerry running behind Tom…..

 The other day we got a note from her teacher saying that he is finding difficult to tell her to wait for her turn to give answers for his questions. The moment he says some Letter she tries to relate that to India and says a word. For example for M is for Mehendi, D is for Diwali, H is for Holi, A is for Air-India…..

 She loves to be here but sometimes she cries that we all will go back to India. It had been a difficult task for me to separate her from the snow. She just used to lie down on the snow with all those layers of clothes. The winter has been good for her as she is having tonsils and winter didn’t aggravate the tonsils.

 The other day she said I don’t want any toys for my birthday as she got a gift from her friend who said you take this bag and princess crown because you are a princess. 

Happy birthday Pinkuda…….

Edited to add: This is my 200 post and thank you all for reading me and encouraging  me….You all are awesome!!!!!!!!!

Learnt from my daughter

Sometimes I am surprised the way my kids react but yes I am happy the way they react and the way they tell me amma you should have said this, you should have done this etc…..

Yesterday a person came to fix my cable connection. I was not happy with what he was doing and I was suggesting him to do something else for which he laughed loudly. I got offended but I didn’t react the way I should, I just told him if you think my suggestion is not good enough you go ahead and do what ever you wish but I want that to be done without spoiling our hall ambience. He did something which I didn’t like but he said he will come back and will do it once again.

After he left varunavi came to me and said amma how can you keep quite when he laughed at you, you should have told him IT’S NOT FUNNY…there is nothing to laugh to why you didn’t say that to him amma, he is not supposed to laugh at you like that…

She says this is what i say at school too when others kids try to bully me amma. When  we came here initially varu had problems with a girl at school. The girl used to bully her and not even once varu told me to come to school and talk to teacher about that. When she told me one girl bullies me, I told her I will come to your school and talk to your teacher. For that she said amma don’t come I will handle it. I just told her be strong and inform teacher that’s all. After a month when I met her teacher in PTM she was appreciating varu how she addressed the problem and the girl stopped bullying her.




Good it happened…..

Last two years were tough.Good it happened it made me a better person and it made me strong to cope with the situations.I pray i won’t get to see those years again.Was stressed out too much.

Much was spent in a hope that husband will get a job he was desiring in hyderabad but we were wrong in that.He didn’t get proper opening and he got a better job in Dubai.We gave 2 years time for ourselves and now that company doesn’t want him to leave them.

But some where a decision has to be taken and we are here.A new chapter in our life and as people here say kids will just love this place and will get adjusted soon.

Living alone was only possible with my mom and my immediate family support.  And i thank them all for the emotional and mental support.I should not miss thanking my house help and my building watchmen.They both were very helpful. Any time of the day they answered my call,be it getting medicine from pharmacy, accompanying me at night,looking after the kids when i am went out or getting me a pizza etc……Now they both are helping my mother the way they did for me.

During those two years my best companion were my kids off course husband used to call everyday. Pinkuda missed her bad so badly that in the middle of night she used to search for him on the bed.And when he was with us she never used to take him out of her sight.He used to give her bath,feed her,take her to school,change her dress etc…….But when he left us she used to be depressed and used to behave very strangely.Now everything has come to an end and she is very happy to be with her dad.Now she ignores him a lot cause she nows he won’t leave us and go to Dubai.I should say sorry to kids for going through all this.

Those two years people have written me off,my financial status was questioned but i never answered them because i knew all this were temporary and i always believe in Sunshine after Dark.