Value what you have

This week has been a very rough week for me and fans of Rishi Kapoor and Irfan khan. The Two most favorites actors of Indian cinema passed way. Both battled cancer and died. Two days first thing in the morning I read in the news was the death of two versatile actors.

Whenever I hear or read about death, my dad comes in front of me. I recollect all that happened on this day in 1997 as if it happened yesterday. My eyes try to capture him more and more because I feel after today I won’t see him. I have his picture in my shrine which I see everyday but seeing in blood and picture is different. He comes in my dreams very often and the dreams are pleasant. The other day I dreamt that he passed away and was going to see to a mortuary.

I was watching a Rishi Kapoor’s movie in which he says value your father when you have him. I may have not listened to him or maybe I disobeyed him, not sure if I have valued him when he was alive. My greatest regret in my life was not obeying him on that day. He told me to get an auto.

That was the last talk and eye contact i had with him. I should have gone to get the auto,at least he would have been calm as while leaving the house he looked upset,maybe he was not well and wanted to avoid a walk?

I have to learn to value what I have.

Day 25 Chaos Vs Calm

The calmness in the house kills me.Sometimes when I come home after work, husband takes kids to math classes and house is so calm.

I hate it and feel like going to the math class to bring kids back home. Sometimes I go directly to math classes from work because I don’t want to be in the house without them. I know I am possessive and I am not yet prepared for my kids to leave my nest.

I always prefer a small house where kids are in front me. I always dared to take a big house in which I don’t know where they are until I call them asking where they are. I never give time out to my kids and lock them in their bedrooms. I have been advised that to discipline the child you  have to punish them not to come out of their bedroom for sometime. I will never ever do it.

I want everything to be done in the living room. Reading books,watching TV together,gossiping about friends,sharing secrets….I do give them their space and I too take some time for myself.

Varu was told by her friend that the moment her father comes home , the house has to calm if not her father gets irritated. Your house is made for you and kids. Your house is not complete without your kids. They talk,sing,chatter,fight…it’s like this until they go to bed….

Family that reads,eats,sits,chats,gossips together lives together. That’s my version of Family that’s eat together lives together.

Day 13 Biryani

No this post is not about biryani recipe. This is about my mom making biryani at home.

Eating biryani was a luxury then. Maybe once in couple of months my mom used to make biryani at home. It used to be a elaborate  lunch on Sundays. In spite of having dining table we all used to sit down in a circle and eat together ( family which eats together, stays together).

Now coming to biryani, we had a papaya tree in our back yard and mom use to cut papaya into thin slices and dried it under the sun. She used to use this dried papaya as meat tenderizer and marinate meat with it.

Mom used to grind ginger and garlic paste, no store brought(it was not available then). Powder whole garam masala.Marinate mutton in the curd and other ingredients and keep it for two hours.

The basmati rice too was luxury then and we used to eat Sona Masori. She used to soak rice for two hours.

Once biryani is half cooked mom used to spread thin cotton cloth on the top of biryani so that extra moisture gets sucked up.

And when serving biryani she never used to mix the entire biryani. She used to take a portion of biryani and used to serve that to us. I cannot match her biryani, the aroma of freshly grinded spices and saffron…it’s yummyyyyy.

And she used to make bagara baingan and raita to eat with biryani. 

After the heavy meal it was home made ice cream treat. Home made ice cream in another post.

Edited: changed the day from 14 to 13.

Day 12 Thank you chef

This post is dedicated to my favourite and my saviour chef, Sanjay Thumma.

Yeah you all read it right, he is my saviour . Little did I know that introducing his cooking videos to my husband changes my life forever. Husband has become Sanjay Thumma in my house. He had found new interest in cooking. So most evenings it’s husband who cooks dinner for us by watching chef Sanjay tumma videos. I can’t ask more from God and will ask Sanjay Thumma to keep posting cooking videos and inspiring husband to cook. Husband says cooking is a therapy to him. And I dont mind cleaning the mess in the kitchen once he is done with his cooking.

By seeing videos husband cooks most complex indian recipes and we get to eat different kinds of food. From biryani to chutneys husband makes it.

And should not miss writing about husband’s upma. I have been cooking since 15 years and yet to master upma and belive me husband cooks upma so well and delicious without any lumps in it.

To night husband is planning to make kadai veg rice. I brought groceries today and waiting for husband to make food for us. Role reversal you see.😍

Edited to add veh chef videos link,–p910kks

Day 10 Letter soup café

This is the game we all are addicted now. So everyday my kids and I spent almost 1 hour playing before going to bed. This game is addictive and with this word game I came to know how good is my girls vocabulary. This is available both on Apple and google play.

Husband too started playing after seeing us. So it’s a competition between my husband and us. He is little ahead of us because when ever he is free during the day he plays. Such is the addiction.

Day 8 Monkey bread

You read it right. This easy bread is named as monkey bread. Not sure the reason is but it’s super easy and my kids love to make them. They picked this recipe from Disney princess cook book. So apart from crazy about princess they try to eat what Disney princess eats. It’s very easy recipe and only thing I did was using the oven.


Plain flour 2 cups

Castor sugar 1 cup

Butter 1/2 cup

Cinnamon powder 3 tbsp

Baking powder 1 tbsp

Salt a pinch


Mix flour,salt,baking powder and butter. Make a smooth dough. Make small balls.

Mix sugar and cinnamon powder.

Take a 2 tbsp of butter in a bowl.

Grease a cake pan.

Dip each ball in butter and roll the ball in cinnamon and sugar mixture. Repeat it with rest of the balls.

Place each ball in the pan, you can stack them too. Pour felt over butter and sprinkle left over sugar mixture.

Preheat oven for 350 degrees Celsius and bake for 25 to 30 minutes.

Kitchen will smell like anything. I like to combination of sugar and cinnamon.

Sorry for the pic, was not able to stop kids from taking a piece before the photo session.

I missed it…

The main draw back of living outside Hyderabad is you are not able to attend any ceremonies nor you can see a person for the last time.
Recently my uncle has passed away suddenly, the only thing I did was shed  tears. He was my mom’ younger brother and have childhood memories with him. The last time I met him was when he had open heart surgery and my mom visited him just few days before he passed away.

Then there was my cousin’s housewarming ceremony. All my cousins and my sisters attended that function and I was missed there.

Yesterday my cousin sister’s daughter got engaged and I am sitting here and crying. I so wanted to go but can’t. My girl’s passports has gone for renewal and also I have to see the cost involved .  Spoke to my sister and first thing she said to me was she missed me and my girls. I am very happy that her daughter is getting married. She and myself don’t share same mother but she is my elder sister. She came to live with us and help my mom when she was 10 years old. Wanted to write about her I am falling short of words. Will write it soon….