What’s your face shape???

Have you ever thought of your face shape ??

I thought of it when i realized my face shape has changed few days back.Wondering how??

I took some medicines which had a strong reactions and my jaws and cheeks have swelled.I was really scared to see my face in the mirror.Took a hot shower thinking that will reduce my swelling,but that didn’t help me.Rushed to doctor and he said it is just a side effects of a certain drug and the swelling will come down in 2-3 days.Avoided seeing in the mirror for 2-3 days and then daughter declared that my face is no more a square it is oval in shape (my actual face shape).

Google has answers for everything.I goggled for face shapes and got many sites with the pictures.

So what is your face shape?? Check the below picture for the face shapes

Pic courtesy:Google Images


Terrible 3’s

Pinkuda is no longer a baby,she is a toddler in her terrible threes.For each and every thing she throws tantrums.She wants to drink milk with a spoon.First she starts to drink with spoon then slowly she takes milk with the spoon and pours in her hand as if she is taking thertham (which the priest gives in the temple).

She just hates to take bath.I tell her that when you were baby(now she thinks she is a big girl) i used to put you in the bath tub and used to give you bath and now i will give you bath in the tub,then she agrees for the bath.She hates hot water and she always prefer cold water for the bath.Even in the washroom our wrestling continues.

She doesn’t allows varu to come near me,she always guards me from varu.The moment varu sits on lap she comes running and starts hitting varu.

First day in school.Myself and hubby went to drop both the kids at school.Varunavi cried when i left her at the class,maybe she was scared of new surroundings,teacher and the kids.But pinkuda the moment we entered in her nursery class,she went to the toys which are kept there and started playing with them.And teacher told us to go without telling her.But when we are about to come pinkuda saw us and said you both go i will be here only.

She is planning a vacation to Dubai and she is going to buy tickets for her sister,cousin brother and granny.When I say to her you forgot my name,she says i am not taking you with me,you be here.

I don’t want rains…..

Human life has no value here.Each time it rains one or two lives are lost.Either it is a kid or a teenager or a elder person.The open drains swallows them and our greater Hyderabad municipality just does the search for the body and hand it overs and washes its hands.A person near my house was coming on his cycle and due to flooding of the road he didn’t see the open drain and his cycle got struck in that and within 2-3 minutes he was washed away and found dead after one day.

Roads are dug to lay cables and this is done mostly during monsoon.The private contractors who does the work of laying cables just do the laying part and their job is not to fill the holes.When it rains those holes are filled by water and they become a death trap.

Who takes the responsibility for these deaths,it’s the municipality or the dead person.People should stop walking or riding on the roads when it rains.Even after the rains few all the main roads are flooded with water and municipality doesn’t tries to flush the water out.

Dear god we had enough rains for this year,please we don’t want rains again as such it rained heavily day before yesterday and before for 2-3 hours.

Pictures courtesy:Google images

New school update

Varu was very scared on the first day.She told me to stand outside her classroom not to go home on the first day.Maybe she was scared of new teacher,classmates and new surroundings.Even in her early days of schooling she never cried but her first day in this school she cried.Then slowly she got adjusted to the school.She is having a good time here.

Her teacher made her to sit next to a boy who always speaks Telugu inspite of teacher telling him to talk in English.So she made varu to sit next to him so that he picks English from her.And varu felt so proud of her speaking skills,she was so excited to tell me that her teacher appreciated her English-speaking.

Varunavi has picked up Telugu language very well.Till now  she doesn’t know Telugu alphabets,but she learnt all the alphabets in two months.Her granny teaches her and even varu is eager to learn it.In parent teachers meet her teacher appreciated her for Telugu.She is enjoying her school.Best part is that there is no need for her to get up early and rush to school.She takes her time to get ready as her school starts at 9.00 and it is just 5 minutes walk from my house.

She tells me to come 10 minutes late to pick her because her friend’s mom comes late to pick her friend and poor her friend will be alone in school and she wants to give company to her.