Here I Am

Life sometimes showers us with surprises.Never thought i will be on my own in a different country where everything is new.New surroundings,new people,new house,new rules and regulations and endless new things…..

Sometimes life leaves us with very little choices.Never thought of going out of hyderabad leaving my immediate family and that too my mom.Dubai was  quite near to hyderabad it was just 4 hours flight where as the place i am living is 16 hours journey.We sleep and my mom gets up.So my early morning starts with talking to my mother,i talk to her everyday and don’t know what all the topics  we cover and when we hang up the phone i miss telling a thing or so.

Came here with lots of sweet memories and life doesn’t always leaves you with sweet memories,it gives sour and bitter memories too.Trying hard not to recollect those sour and bitter memories but sometimes they just pop up from no where.

The transition from there to here as been smooth expect for pinky she is yet to accept the change.I was under impression that it is she who will accept the change soon but i am wrong.Varu has embraced  the change and i can see a confident little girl mingling with new people, new surroundings etc with a smile.The best part she likes is going to the library.She tries to carry books more than her weight.

Pinky is becoming very patriotic, she says to me amma you are a bad girl,you don’t like India that’s why you brought us here.I love India,i want to go back.More than India she misses my mom,the most pampering granny i have every seen.I know i was hard on her leaving her alone in the house the night i left Hyderabad but i made a promise to myself that once we are settled here i will bring her for ever to be with us.

Btw i didn’t mention where i am,i am in Canada.

Hope to come back to blogging……