Summer is back….

I love summer mainly because i can get up late,no need for the kids to get up early and rush to school.During this summer holidays i can do my work leisurely no need to hurry up.Will be cooking much as i have to feed the two always hungry mouths with snacks and cool drinks…Has to see that my fridge is always full with the mangoes and Taati Munjalu (Toddy palm fruit).Brought taati munjalu yesterday and within no time they got over.Taati munjalu is popular summer fruit in Andhra.They are known as Tari in hindi,Nungu in tamil more details are here.

Waiting for relatives and friends to give raw mango pickle.That is the one thing which i have not tried nor will i try.So uma waiting for my parcel of pickle and i am sure you will make an awesome pickles and podis.

The thing i hate about summer is the water.Last year too i ranted about by water woes and the picture is same as last year.Every day morning i crib of not getting water as we are in the second floor.People on the ground floor hoard so much of water which if given to me will last for a week.How much i crib the situation won’t change.For this i am waiting for the summer to get over fast and we get rains here so that water level increases and i get enough water.

House is in a big mess and uma will vouch for it.She might have got a shock seeing my walls with full of art work by Pinkuda.I am just waiting for her to stop scribbling on the wall so that i will colour my walls with my choice of colours rather than plain white.

Leaving you all with a poem written by Varunavi…

“”Deep in my heart when ever you cry ,

I get cry first in my heart.

And then in my face,

Please don’t cry….””