Since last few months I have gone through lot of turmoil. So many emotions. Tried so many ways to tackle the emotions.

Some emotional turmoil was out of my control and touchewood I don’t have that stress anymore. Mom is showing good signs of recovery.

Was planning to move to another department. Not sure if that decision was good,was very anxious. New colleagues and new work environment. As it is said persistent pays,I got the position which was trying to get since a long time. Alibaba founder is my inspiration.

Covid has taken it’s toll on everyone. Very close uncle passed away due to CPOD and due to restrictions can’t travel to see him for one last time. How hard is for the family when they need people around are now alone. He was loved by everyone and was a father figure in the family. May his soul rest in peace.

Schools started here after a gap of six months. Kids look forwarded for the re-opening of the kids. They have been jailed at home for six months. School is taking all the necessary precautions but as a mother I have my own fears. Luckily I am working from home so I receive them when they are back from school and to tell them change and take a shower.

Summer is done now. It’s getting colder, not like fall temperature. All the vegetable plants are slowly shredding leaves. This is the end for a new beginning.


Meri ma.

I want to say much to you but my voice chokes and I get emotional when I speak to you every Saturday and Sunday. I choose to speak to you on weekends because I don’t want any disturbance while talking to you and I want to absorb your voice.

My Saturday and Sundays are so dull when I don’t hear your voice. We may disagree with many things, we argue a lot but my waiting to talk to you starts when I hang up call on a Sunday morning.

I cannot live without talking to you, my biggest regret which I carry till my death is leaving you and Hyderabad. Sometimes I wonder, I never had a reason to leave Hyderabad…

You are a single mom who raised three daughters. You are a fighter. All your life you were fighting and this fight also you will win like your previous fights. You are stronger than you think.

Wait for me amma.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 





New year again

For me 1st January is just another day except that I got a holiday on that day. Even at my parents house we never waited till the clock strikes 12:00 to wish everyone happy new year. We slept like every other night on 31st December and wished everyone in the morning.

New year reminds me of addition of one more year to my age.This year I am taking much awaited vacation. I have not taken a vacation since last four years, has been working straight. 

Due to Christmas and holidays work has been very hectic and it’s taking toll on my health. Badly in need of a break.

Last year winter has been very harsh with snow storm and freezing rain. It’s predicted that this year too the same weather continues. So another three months of winter. 

Bye for now and hope you all had a wonderful beginning this year….