I Take A Bow

I always believe doctor is next to god.Doctors are messengers of god who with god orders does selfless service to man kind.

I have both bitter and happier experiences with the doctors.Before i joined my profession which involved meeting the doctors i lost my father due to negligence of a doctor, then my dad was just 50.That time i used to hate the site of doctors.And i never got a chance to visit a doctor for myself after my dad’s sudden death.

When i got an offer from Cipla I thought of rejecting because it involved meeting the doctors.But i was wrong.All doctors are not same and even a doctor is a human and all humans do mistakes.The doctor who did endoscopy on my dad was upcoming doctor and he did a mistake of handling the procedure alone without any help from the nurse and without fully equipped.I know that mistake is irreparable  but it doesn’t mean that i hate doctors.I was absolutely wrong in doing so.

Had complications during my second pregnancy.And i was under the treatment of gynecologist Dr.Bhagya laxmi and my husband’s cousin Dr.Sunitha who is a anesthelogist.Once it happened that my blood pressure was not coming under control and Dr.Sunitha left her clinic and rushed me to the hospital to get me admitted.And immediately my gyne joined us in the hospital.I know this case of mine is very serious but both the doctors were so cool and joked with me and gave me some medicine to control my blood pressure.The time then was 11.00pm and both didn’t go home.Again after some test both decided to operate me at 12.00pm and my cousin didn’t leave me at all.I remember vaguely after been given anesthesia she was beside me holding my hand and running her fingers through my hair.I felt god was with him through out my operation .I am very grateful to both the doctors for their selfless service,i love you both….

I should not miss mentioning another god.He is Dr.Ramesh Reddy a paedatrician.He has a miracle touch in his hands.I took my second daughter to him when she was just a week old.He is the one doctor who encourages breast-feeding.The first thing he spoke was about breast-feeding.He gave me a book about breast feeding and gave me medicine so that I breast feed my baby properly.His clinic is always crowded,he hardly speaks but the touch is enough for the babies to get cured.He has many don’t do’s for the babies that once you will feel it is too much but believe me if that is followed the baby will be healthier.He discourages giving water to the babies till 6 months old,he says why to give water when mother can breast feed baby when ever baby is thirsty.He discourages cerelac and says my mother didn’t feed me cerelac and i won’t allow you to give your baby outside food.Prepare at home and feed the baby.He gave me a book about what food i should make for the baby after 5 months and always says breast feed the baby till she/he is 1 year old.

He doesn’t take fees from poor patient.If a child comes with fever or any other problems which can be cured at the clinic,he gives the babies to his nurses and they won’t send the patient home until the baby is better.He does charges more from the people who are well off.I always make it a point to take my kids to the this doc even though his clinic is a bit far from my place.

I take a bow to all the doctors……..

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India bashing gentleman

I met a guy and his wife who lived in dxb for 2 years and they are back because he got a highly paid job in a bank.He says he doesn’t wants to come back to india but because he is 40+ and he got a well paid and secured job.

These were his words :- Because i got a wonderful post of operations head-india,i wouldn’t have thought of coming back. The reasons he mentioned for not liking the country are:-

It’s too much of dirty on the roads.(the dirty was there on the roads even when you were kid)

Lots of pollution,my kids will fall sick.

My kids have to share their autos with other kids. (send them to school by your car who is stopping you)

Food is very costly here compared to foreign country. (you are highly paid compared to what you got in foreign land)

Has to do bribing every where.(I know you have bribed customs official,you should have said no to them).

The country has given you  an identity and without the country’s passport you are not allowed in any foreign country.And you are bashing the country.You should be proud of being born here and got an opportunity to go aboard for living.This is the country which gave you subsidize ration and education and you never thought of this.

Millions of people are living here with the said conditions,they are also thinking to go abroad??

How long you will stay away from all these? In gulf you are given 3 years visa and every 3 years it gets renewed and you have to leave the country within 1 month of expiry of visa if it is not renewed.Inspite of getting your visa renewed every 3 years,you have to leave the country once you attain the age of 60.After that your country in the only place where you can retire peacefully.Even if you crib about the infrastructure,people etc there is no way for you to go out of the country.

Maybe if your kids are settled in America or Europe you will go only for visiting but not for permanent stay.

Ps:Sorry if you feel i am criticizing this gentlemen,i was  hurt by his talks so these thoughts…