I Take A Bow

I always believe doctor is next to god.Doctors are messengers of god who with god orders does selfless service to man kind.

I have both bitter and happier experiences with the doctors.Before i joined my profession which involved meeting the doctors i lost my father due to negligence of a doctor, then my dad was just 50.That time i used to hate the site of doctors.And i never got a chance to visit a doctor for myself after my dad’s sudden death.

When i got an offer from Cipla I thought of rejecting because it involved meeting the doctors.But i was wrong.All doctors are not same and even a doctor is a human and all humans do mistakes.The doctor who did endoscopy on my dad was upcoming doctor and he did a mistake of handling the procedure alone without any help from the nurse and without fully equipped.I know that mistake is irreparable  but it doesn’t mean that i hate doctors.I was absolutely wrong in doing so.

Had complications during my second pregnancy.And i was under the treatment of gynecologist Dr.Bhagya laxmi and my husband’s cousin Dr.Sunitha who is a anesthelogist.Once it happened that my blood pressure was not coming under control and Dr.Sunitha left her clinic and rushed me to the hospital to get me admitted.And immediately my gyne joined us in the hospital.I know this case of mine is very serious but both the doctors were so cool and joked with me and gave me some medicine to control my blood pressure.The time then was 11.00pm and both didn’t go home.Again after some test both decided to operate me at 12.00pm and my cousin didn’t leave me at all.I remember vaguely after been given anesthesia she was beside me holding my hand and running her fingers through my hair.I felt god was with him through out my operation .I am very grateful to both the doctors for their selfless service,i love you both….

I should not miss mentioning another god.He is Dr.Ramesh Reddy a paedatrician.He has a miracle touch in his hands.I took my second daughter to him when she was just a week old.He is the one doctor who encourages breast-feeding.The first thing he spoke was about breast-feeding.He gave me a book about breast feeding and gave me medicine so that I breast feed my baby properly.His clinic is always crowded,he hardly speaks but the touch is enough for the babies to get cured.He has many don’t do’s for the babies that once you will feel it is too much but believe me if that is followed the baby will be healthier.He discourages giving water to the babies till 6 months old,he says why to give water when mother can breast feed baby when ever baby is thirsty.He discourages cerelac and says my mother didn’t feed me cerelac and i won’t allow you to give your baby outside food.Prepare at home and feed the baby.He gave me a book about what food i should make for the baby after 5 months and always says breast feed the baby till she/he is 1 year old.

He doesn’t take fees from poor patient.If a child comes with fever or any other problems which can be cured at the clinic,he gives the babies to his nurses and they won’t send the patient home until the baby is better.He does charges more from the people who are well off.I always make it a point to take my kids to the this doc even though his clinic is a bit far from my place.

I take a bow to all the doctors……..

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8 thoughts on “I Take A Bow

  1. Indeed some mistakes are irreparable but I do believe that even so for the. Actions they are responsible hence should be answerable. There are good and bad for suere. And I am sure there are more good docs then bad.
    In todays age the lure to earn more monwy also makes them do mistakes.

    Just because few bad experiences we can’t term all the doctors to be bad and money minded.Yes i agree that there are doctors who just for sake of money they operate the patient.I don’t remember where but because govt is paying the patient for a family planning, doctors to get money from the patient did many operations on the females who don’t have children (women are from remote villages)

  2. I was wondering (initial part of the post) as to how you could say that, despite having been a medical rep… But good to see the balanced perspective you have given (for doctors). Once a doctor suggested operation in my ears, and when we went to another ENT, they just cleaned my ears and it was fine afterwards!

    You know my dad didnt require a endoscopy but to get money from CGHS,the private hospital doc advised my dad to go for a endoscopy.Endoscopy was supposed be the safest procedure.What i meant was inspite of loosing a person i got few doctors who saved me and my baby and i am very grateful to them….

    I was not a medical rep,i was a marketing executive in cipla’s specialty medicine division.

    People should come out of blind faith they have for doctors and learn to evaluate the intentions behind doctor’s actions. I guess its not necessary to be a medical expert to do that – small observations, evaluating general qualities, etc would do. As you said, if a clinic is swarmed with people, the doctor ought to be good. Its better to check with a few people before going to any clinic/ hospital. Otherwise, in the commercialized world of today, people can be taken for a ride.

    Yeah we believe doctors blindly.Once i took my elder daughter to a local doctor and he immediately brought a injection and i had my doubt that he didn’t use a new syringe (cause before patient too he gave a injection which i saw from out) and i refused and said my daughter is scared of injections better you give her medicine.But you know people from rural background want doctor to give injection and doctors exploits them….

    Secondly, good food habits help a lot in preventing diseases – prevention is always better than cure. I have come across a document on naturopathy, which discusses exactly that – I will post about it shortly.

    Would love to read your post….

    Destination Infinity

  3. A lot of responsibility lies in the hands of doctors for they deal with not only the lives of their patients but also their (patient’s) families on a wider perspective 😀 😀

    Yeah i agree with.Not only patients but their families are also dependent on the doctors,its just faith between the doctors and patients.

    I totally agree that as are a variety of human beings all around us so are a vivid variety of doctors, who no-matter how good or bad never fail to leave a big impression on our lives by whatever they do 😛

    Yeah that’s why i shared my good and bad experience about doctors.The bad experience is irrevocable and good experience has given a new life.

  4. Surely there are lot of doctors who does our life better akka 🙂

    but there are few who does things only for money… hope we are not near them in case of emergencies…

  5. Very nice post Sari. I am just bk from a trip where we met doctors who are working by taking 1/10th of the salary they will be paid outside, for the good of the society. So I totally know what u mean 🙂 Hugs!

  6. WOW !!! Sari, those experiences by you, made me feel so touched inside. There are good and bad in any profession – its upto us to look for those who care for us. 🙂

    Yeah uma,that bad experience is can’t be repaired but these good things are remembered for life long..

    Am glad ur cousin stayed throughout that night for you – first he is a very good human being and second, he respects his profession – a very rare quality…God bless him. 🙂

    My cousin is she and my husband named pinky her name.

    And this doctor – such simple yet strong message he has given every mother…I wish every mother follows it to keep her child healthy and happy. 🙂

    That’s what i liked him,he is so strict in that matter.Until the baby is 1 year old, each visit he asks whether baby is getting enough mothers milk….

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