Wordless Wednesday — 23


A boy surfing the sea (drawing by my 10 year old nephew)
Day and Night (drawing by varu)




12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — 23

  1. So, what is that thing below the sun – sunflower? The lotus on the right hand side has come out very well, looks symmetrical. These are some kind of new slates?

    No, varu says it is a bird which is flying near the sun.It is a sort of slate known as doodle doo

    Destination Infinity

  2. Wow! Nice 🙂
    Like both of them 🙂

    What is the one closer to the sun in the first pic though 😛 Somehw, it looked like a turtle to me, I know it can’t be 😛

    Even i thought of tortoise but it is a bird

  3. Yea even I didn’t get what was close to the sun in the left side of the second pic!
    And yes like DI asks, are these some kind of new slates/slides?

    It is known as doodle doo from fisher,sort of a slate with a pencil and a eraser.

  4. wish i could surf that well 🙂 without falling all the time

    U do surfing??

    lovely ART both of them .. 🙂 we got some talent growing there …

    Yeah they both love to draw and wish they show interest in studies as well….

    and that flower looks beautiful


  5. Both your kids seem to be artists in the making! The flower is very good, Saritha. It is not easy to draw this flower!

    Both love to draw,varu always scribble something or the other on the paper or the slate.The best thing i liked the day and night (with half moon)


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