India bashing gentleman

I met a guy and his wife who lived in dxb for 2 years and they are back because he got a highly paid job in a bank.He says he doesn’t wants to come back to india but because he is 40+ and he got a well paid and secured job.

These were his words :- Because i got a wonderful post of operations head-india,i wouldn’t have thought of coming back. The reasons he mentioned for not liking the country are:-

It’s too much of dirty on the roads.(the dirty was there on the roads even when you were kid)

Lots of pollution,my kids will fall sick.

My kids have to share their autos with other kids. (send them to school by your car who is stopping you)

Food is very costly here compared to foreign country. (you are highly paid compared to what you got in foreign land)

Has to do bribing every where.(I know you have bribed customs official,you should have said no to them).

The country has given you  an identity and without the country’s passport you are not allowed in any foreign country.And you are bashing the country.You should be proud of being born here and got an opportunity to go aboard for living.This is the country which gave you subsidize ration and education and you never thought of this.

Millions of people are living here with the said conditions,they are also thinking to go abroad??

How long you will stay away from all these? In gulf you are given 3 years visa and every 3 years it gets renewed and you have to leave the country within 1 month of expiry of visa if it is not renewed.Inspite of getting your visa renewed every 3 years,you have to leave the country once you attain the age of 60.After that your country in the only place where you can retire peacefully.Even if you crib about the infrastructure,people etc there is no way for you to go out of the country.

Maybe if your kids are settled in America or Europe you will go only for visiting but not for permanent stay.

Ps:Sorry if you feel i am criticizing this gentlemen,i was  hurt by his talks so these thoughts…


20 thoughts on “India bashing gentleman

    1. You are right! You aren’t criticising him! how can he talk like that?!
      If he had bribed the Customs’ officials and then talking about how bad it is to give out bribes, then its just shameful!!

      Because people like him pay the bride that the officials ask from everyone to pay the bribe….

  1. I dont think u are criticizing him…..only his thots on India. And gud u did it. I too hate such ppl who start hating the country, where they lived as a child. He shld be ashamed of himself, for talking like this….

    I know that too he lived in foreign country for very few days

  2. Sari, hugs! I hv even met ppl who come bk after a few months and crib abt pollution and other things here, while they conveniently forget it’s we people who do things here, which we wud never do in other countries 🙂 I think some ppl take pride in the fact that they lived elsewhere, as though it stamps them as more able than others here. Well, I do hope they learn their lessons some day.

    The same people who use dust bins in foreign country throw the thrash on the roads….

  3. Haanji I understand, but then its the guys choice if he doesnot like india we cant make him like it. I live in UK and I love to come to india the dirt pollution and every other bad thing has never stopped me coming, but yes i do have me reservations on settling back in india and its not because of the dirt or other things mentioned , Its because I feel I wont be able to settle back simple, Plus all the hard work that one has to do to succeed in life out there, I doubt if I will be able to do it .. and moreover my future generation will have to go through the same ..

    Totally agree with u.For people who have been living in foreign country for long find it difficult to settle back in india.This guy was in foreign country for just few years.I agree living in a country without pollution, hefty salary etc is heaven but it doesnt mean that u critize the country where u have born and spent ur entire life there.

    Thats the only reason ..

    and I agree we came from there only .. I rember when i came back few years ago the first thing i did was EAT the BREAD PAKODAS on the side of the road the filthy oil and dirt but then thats the BEAUTY of it 🙂

    Yeah thats the beauty,me too first go to paani puri bandi to eat paani puri and chat.Yummy which we wont get in a star hotels.

    anyway dont let it bother you calm down and dont worry… you keep that biryani ready when i land he hehehe 🙂

    Come over,surely will make gosh biryani for u…..

  4. You know what, some people will complain wherever they are. I am willing to bet that he complained about Dubai when he was there. I know people who keep complaining about Uk , when they are here, and when they are in India, they can’t stand the pollution, the dirt, blah, blah blah.. If they are so uncomfortable, they should just leave! If the dirt and the pollution is bothering him so much, why can’t he just leave? As you said, he also knows that he can’t live in Dubai long term! So annoying!

    He clearly said because he got job in a bank that to head of operations india he came back if not i wouldnt have come back.But he will be forced out of the country if his visa is not renewaled or when he is 60 years old.

  5. On a different note, since all such people who feel about India like that, have already left (or perhaps leaving), we might just get an opportunity to build the nation faster. And after we do that, we will restrict them from coming here (maybe we can give 3 year visas to come to India?)

    Good idea NRI has to obtain visa to visit india.

    Any society is built on the dint of hard-work by its people. If a person finds themselves leading a comfortable life without having to do much hard-work (even within India), its an indication that in a very short term, the person will become a misfit in the society.

    Agree with u….

    There are no free meals. Anywhere.

    Destination Infinity

  6. He must have forgotten that he was a second citizen abroad, unlike here, in his own country! As you said he would not have had any choice after 60, when he became week and not useful over there any more!

  7. its his choice to settle down in a different country… well life is about living and there should be no boundaries…

    Yeah it is his choice,i felt bad when he said had it not been high sal i wouldn’t have thought of coming to india.

    What I don’t like is the cribbing and bashing part…. there is something one can do by themselves like not paying bribes, etc…. If thats done and then they crib its fine and okay… without doing anything from our part talking is ridiculous…

    That is what i felt,so this post….

  8. Unfortunately there are too many ignorant people like that in our world… 😐
    They lose track of the way they came from….once they reach their destination….not even realising that the stay at their destination is not permanent….

    I felt the pain cause he was just critizing the things here,ok u r not happy here and it doesn’t mean that u crib about the things and bribe the officials to get ur work done fast….

  9. 3 year visa to come to India! For an Indian citizen? Rubbish!

    I have lived most part of my life here in Dubai, and I don’t crib about India. In fact I would love to shift back there with all the dirt and pollution and bribe. It’s my country and no one has the right to say otherwise!

    I lived in dxb/oman for 8 years and i am back in india for good.Not even once i compared india with dxb/oman cause every country has its own merits and demerits.Because the guy lived in uae for 2 years or so he can’t just compare india with uae.

    And this post is just my ramblings about the person,i have not targeted anyone (generalized the things) or NRI’s in particular.Everyone has a right to say things,no body has a authority to tell him/her to say anything or about anyone.

    The gentleman is an odd man out. And besides , NRIs whether from US, UK, Dubai or anywhere else bring in a lot of revenue back home. India’s metros try to copy these countries in every way possible. They brag about buying branded stuff and going to malls all the time. That’s not the India we grew up in? Is it?

    Here u r generalizing that people here copy foreigners by going to malls.India is growing and people’s purchasing power is growing.What sal my dad got,i get double of that so what’s wrong in going to mall and shopping branded goods.

    I know more INDIANS than NRI’s who complain about the conditions in India.

    I agree with u,even i crib of not getting drinking water here everyday but i don’t compare that i used to buy my water daily in uae and here inspite of paying the water bill i don’t get water everyday here.

    I am not by any stands justifying him. But he has the right to like or not like his country. But it doesn’t mean you can generalize something like this.

    You got me wrong or maybe i was not clear to you.I wrote that i felt bad when he compared india with uae and if u think i am critizing that gentleman i am sorry.

    You can stay in Dubai even without a work visa if you own apartments here. Also, if you own a business, no one can throw you out at 60. Every place has it’s pros and cons. But every individual will have a different story to tell. Please tell me if you were given an option for pollution free environment and clean amenities, you would deny that oppurtunity for your kids. And there is bribe in Dubai too. It’s just not down to the lowest level as yet.

    People who own house there have visa for 99 years.I went abroad to earn not to give free environment and clean amenities.

    I wouldn’t have commented here, if I hadn’t read the three year visa comment. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Why not try and change the pollution, dirt and bribe in India.

    Sure will do my bit of not polluting and i did my bit of not bribing the official here,check this post

    I dont think I have seen that many dustbins in India. Yes, in metros and malls maybe. But not in small cities and villages. Isn’t there where the real India is?

    You mean we should have dustbins in small cities and villages???

    Sorry for the long comment. I didn’t mean any offense, but I felt I need to say my part.

    Thanks for taking time and writing this comment…..

    1. Its quite interesting to note that you have taken that comment on the face value.

      Lets forget India/Dubai for a moment. Lets take any other country – Lets say US of A. While the people there have put in enormous efforts and skill and brain power to build the society that they have today, someone (from other countries) going to settle there just to enjoy the fruits of all that development, is clearly not going to get their full share. Not until they have proven themselves worthy of it, not until they have put a lot of hard work to gain that respect. Till then, they will be treated as second class citizens, doing second class work. You just cannot learn instantly what they have learnt over a couple of centuries.

      People cannot just go to any country and hope that they would be treated as equals – they cannot, simply because they are not. Even within India, this disparity is there, but its just magnified to a huge extant in other countries.

      So, what I am trying to say is when people do not contribute to the growth of a nation (either directly or indirectly), they cannot enjoy its fruits. You can buy the fruit with your money power, you can cut the fruit with your knife power, but you just cannot enjoy the taste as much as a person can, when they work hard to grow the fruit in their gardens and then eat it.

      So, trying to get the best of both worlds by staying abroad for a long time and coming back, will only (at least initially) get people to crib about the wonderful facilities that they had enjoyed abroad. At that point, they become a foreigner in their own country. No wonder, they have to work again to get adjusted in their home country. Some (most) people just refuse to do that when they get back. They hope that the country has to become just like abroad magically, because they are here now. The heights of arrogance.

      So, that visa was suggested for your own good. If you are not able to adjust (its difficult at older age to work in the reverse direction to get adjusted) to your home country, its better not to crib and to go back to the country where you have put all your efforts/ which you are used to. And three years is good enough to determine that.

      Destination Infinity

      PS: Just like how going to parties will not make you American, going to temples (once you return back), will not make you Indian. To realize the spirit of India, you need to immerse into its culture. And that means taking the bad things along with the good.

      1. “So, what I am trying to say is when people do not contribute to the growth of a nation (either directly or indirectly), they cannot enjoy its fruits. You can buy the fruit with your money power, you can cut the fruit with your knife power, but you just cannot enjoy the taste as much as a person can, when they work hard to grow the fruit in their gardens and then eat it.”

        Who defines this contribution? You stay in India. Blog about it. Proudly you say you have accepted true spirit of India? Both bad and good. NRIs contribute quite a bit to the Indian economy too! And all of us try to use the best parts of both worlds! I mean, aren’t we blogging and commenting on a non- Indian webblog? At a time when the world talks about a Global community, you still stick to staying home!

        Make India worth more than just for Tourism! Let the Gora’s come to India and want to stay back there with a good job! Think about handing 3 years visa to Gora’s to work in India! And not for people who are already Indians!

        Peace, cheers to you mate,
        No offense meant!

        1. The contribution that I was talking about was meant to be for any nation, not just India. So, if a person has put in say, 30 years of efforts to develop a foreign country (by working there), it makes a lot of sense to stay there. Its a different issue whether they are allowed to stay there or not, but I hope they are – because coming back and re-adjusting is quite difficult. Of course, I would appreciate them coming back but please re-adjust without cribbing.

          NRI’s have a strange feeling of satisfaction when they donate some amount to a charity in India. Or send it to their parents. Do these people ever bother about what happens to this money? Do these people realize that aging parents need money, but more importantly need their sons and daughters to take care of them/ or at least be near to them? Why don’t most NRI’s take their parents along with them, at least after a point of time? Yeah, people in India also leave their parents alone, but during the hour of need, 90% of them attend to their parents. Staying closer helps. This was said to point out that sometimes, money is worthless.

          The global community is a marketing term invented by the MNC’s earlier to sell their products everywhere in the world. Now, advanced nations have realized that Globalization can work against them as well, and are trying in vain to cut H-1B visas, cut outsourcing, etc.

          If India was worth only for tourism I wonder why so many MNC’s have set up shop here, and why I have been seeing a lot of Japanese, South Koreans and even Europeans and Americans living near an automobile SEZ close to my place for over a decade now!

          Personally I think it doesn’t matter where one stays. What matters more is what one does while staying there. So, I cannot accept the argument that India is such a bad place to live and abroad is such a good place to live. If thinking like that gives happiness to people who have resettled themselves, so be it.

          Destination Infinity

          There are a lot of NRI’s who think that just by going abroad, they will get all wealth and happiness, magically. I hope that was true.

          1. Just For the Record DI, I never said living in India was bad or living in abroad was good. These are your own words, and words of the initial author of this post (of the gentleman). I only said not to generalize it.

            You are going way off track here. Where did I even talk about Donation??? Providing towards the economy doesn’t mean donation. Its towards investments, towards opening up of new businesses in India. Kind of like the MNC thing. And how exactly are you contributing? By paying taxes? Even NRIs pay taxes for properties and investments they own!

            Providing towards aging parents is definitely not donation. Money is not worthless. If you go to look after you aged parents without money in your pockets, you will only end up being a burden to them!

            There is no magic any where. No free bread anywhere. Everyone works towards it. If we work our whole life in another country and contribute to their land and want to come home to our country and spend retirement there(and may be contribute), no one has the power to stop us. We are Indians, until we take up another citizenship. Till then we are NRIs and not “People of Indian Origin”.

            I personally don’t like people living in India cribbing about NRIs all the time. In most cases, it a case of sour grapes.

            Be happy wherever you are, and let others be happy too. No need to throw out insults like
            “There are a lot of NRI’s who think that just by going abroad, they will get all wealth and happiness, magically. I hope that was true”.

            Baseless and totally meaningless allegation. Not everyone succeeds in foreign land( Just like anywhere in India). It takes a lot of hard work. Its like saying, if I work in Delhi and help develop Delhi, I can’t go to Kerala for my retirement! I think that is plain silly!

            P.S: Again no offense meant, this is just a discussion. There is no need to take it personally. I have no issues with NRIs or “People living in India” or “People of Indian Origin”.

            1. I really wish it is a case of sour grapes and there is ‘heaven’ somewhere outside India. Nice arguments BTW :), but this is too complex an issue to be fully understood. Debates do further our understanding on such matters.

              Destination Infinity

  10. @Saritha – glad you broke down my comment into blocks and explained it! Everybody has the right to say what they feel. That is the fundamental right of every Indian. But, when certain mentalities and words hurt a few of the population who may come across your blog, they will read it and react. There is nothing more to this. If you notice every comment has put down NRIs. One even goes to say “once they become weak after 60”. I dont think anyone has the right to be disrespectful to elders. Even if they are NRIs. it’s like NRIs are not humans. It’s pathetic the way some people think. You have all the right to delete my comment if you want to! But what has to be said has to be said. There are a whole lot of people who had to leave the Gulf during the Recession. Many of them were forced to settle back in India. That is fate! And yes, they will take time to adjust and adapt and slowly blend in. Like in any other country.

    I wrote about the visa status there i never intend to hurt the feelings of elders whom i respect a lot.Because you don’t know me you are thinking i am disrespectful to the elders or NRIs,i will be the last person to do so….
    The comments here are my readers who have every right to say what they feel,i didn’t force or i didn’t tell them to write,what they felt they wrote it.

    Yes i am also the victim of recession and i know how people have suffered there last year.

    You pay for water and still don’t get it. That’s sad. I have lived in India for four years during college. I faced no problems whatsoever and I was not in a metro.

    I am in hyd which is in news for all the wrong reasons like telegana issues etc….

    New things to learn everyday I guess. Just try not hurt a category of people and then say it’s just my ramblings!

    You have taken this post too long which i never intended to do,i have never or will hurt people….

    @DI – yes debates do. I am glad I commented. I was kinda getting sick of saying, cool post, nice post, good thinking, etc..etc… I totally agree…. It’s good to disagree once in a while. 🙂

  11. every place has its pros and cons. Whatever it is, home is always home. 10 years in Singapore and i still yearn for hyderabad. Even though iam not really happy with all that happens there, but still hyd is home.

  12. Agree. It is the same country that educated you. And while there are things that are upsetting even to someone who lives here, it is wrong to put down the country.

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