4th March 2002…

marriage anniversary

I met him just twice before my marriage. Mom said she liked him and you get married to him, you know i was very obedient daughter then. I know how much my mom struggled to bring up her three daughters alone. I had full faith in her. I was more confident on my mom then on myself. What ever she does will be better for me. Very girl or a matter everyone has a choice to select their spouse but we both didn’t select for ourselves, it was his mother and my mother who selected for us.

He came very reluctantly to see me at my house. He was reluctantly to come to my house because he didn’t like the idea of parading a girl in front of her future husband and in-laws. Constant pestering by my would be m-law forced him to accept my mom’s invitation. He came with his brothers and mother, he didn’t look directly to me. Had my mom changed me with some other girl i bet he wouldn’t have notice that the bride has been swapped. He told his mother that i am coming for the first time and the last time. If i am going to the girl’s house it means i am getting married to that girl if she likes me, because he hates parading a girl for the marriage.

Next day i went and applied for leave in my office. Everyone was stunned and were worried, as the groom lives in gulf and had my mom took the right decision of getting me married and leaving my banking career. Sometimes when i look back that day was a big turning point in my life and my career. I left my career and left hyderabad. From that day onwards i was like a visitor to my own place. I never lived in hyd for more than three years after 2002. But i don’t regret i am with my small and happy family.I do miss my mom terribly.

Marriage was fixed just in a day and next week  we were couples. Apart from mom it’s my elder sister and b-law who played a major role in getting me married. Thanks K and A for supporting me…you both have a big place in my heart.

Its been 11 years of togetherness and wishing both of us a happy marriage anniversary. Thanks R for been a wonderful husband, bearing my tantrums  and my mood swings. And i know you can never express yourselves. I have grown up with you since last 11 years and hope next year i don’t remind you of our anniversary.:D 😀 😀 😀 😀

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