Cookies for pet !!!!

new iphone 039Varunavi’s ad for cookies

“Hi everyone this is the first day of cookies. This is Canada’s number one cookies in Canada. It is in many flavours for example Vanilla, Chocolate and more ! even for pets. It’s free today hurry!!  Pet cookies are of 20 cents only. If you come in one hour we will give you big boxes of cookies. Hope you will enjoy it ! The best thing of all is it’s in different shapes. If you see the factory you could go inside and may your own! Have a nice day !! You can also get in alphabets and numbers!

Bye see you.:)


I heard a lot about English vinglish movie but never got a chance to watch inspite of me having brought the CD few weeks back. Last week I forced myself to see this movie and I loved each and everything in the movie. First thing I liked is Shashi and her simplicity and I feel some where I can associate myself with her….. Each and every scene revolves in my head even after one week…

I come from a school where Hindi was spoken in the class…it’s only English and Science teacher who spoke English in the class and  I used to wait for the class to get over, little did I know that English is must when you go out of the school…Social was in Hindi…PT teacher spoke in Hindi…Yoga teacher gave instruction in Hindi….SUPW teacher spoke in Hindi….Hindi was spoken in the class, among friends….I remember we used to switch into broken English when we sew our Principal.

Husband always says why you give so much importance to English…no one will make fun of your English….But they were people who used to make fun of my English in my post graduation days…That determined me to learn speaking English…once a friend of mine told me not to stop speaking English because you are making mistake while talking. I learnt spoken English after I started working and it gave me more confidence.. any ways I won’t bore you all with my story.

I liked her determination to learn English that too in a foreign country..going alone for the classes without any support from her family…some may say it is impractical to go alone in foreign country all by yourself…Believe me it is tough back home to go alone but here in west it is not all tough…everything is self explanatory…you don’t need any support or help from anyone….You have google maps to locate the place and you have public transport to commute any where without any fear…..I commuted alone here without husband or anyone’s help…I had google maps on my phone, city map and bus schedule in my hand which helped me in commuting. One day I will write how I reached Toronto downtown all by myself changing two buses and taking a train for my first job interview….i will always cherish that day and the aunty who helped by giving me her train schedule, informing me that she will pick her schedule on her way back to work next day…

And also I loved the communication between Sridevi and the French guy….Language is not a barrier if one has to express themselves. He understood what she spoke in English and she understood what he spoke in French..

Loved the last part too…When her husband tells everyone at the function that sridevi can’t speak English and Sridevi gets up confidently asking her husband MAY I….

The thing I didn’t like is the daughter character….I don’t think any child will talk to their mother….Sometimes varu corrects my English, I don’t see any expression on her face…I used to correct my mother I never said any harsh word to her…

So guys and girls who missed watching this movie I strongly recommend you all to watch this movie…it’s better late than never. J J

PS: Title = Hindi + English