My Reminiscences

This tag was pending since long.Two lovely ladies Rashmi and Smitha tagged me to write 9 most cherished moments in my life.Here comes my list :-

  Elder sister marriage was the most cherished memory in my life. We planned so much and did the marriage in a grand way. We were like a team of 4 females and did every thing by ourself.We didn’t do shopping much because my mom had brought everything before, like jeweller etc….After the marriage when my sister was leaving to her in-laws house we all thought she will cry but to everyone surprise didn’t shed a single tear. She hugged all of us and with a huge smile on her face went and sat in the car.

 We build our house when I was in my 10th class. Every day evening used to there and water the walls. Used to have so much fun there talking with workers and my mom used to send tea to the workers. Each brick in that house has got wonderful memory. It was a dream come true for my mom. I miss my house and the beautiful garden.

 Everyday morning myself and mom used to get up early and mom used to make tea for both of us. We used to sit for atleast one hour talking. My neighbours used to ask us what will be there for you both everyday mornings to talk.

 I have a lovely friend. We both met in degree but not much of friendship developed between us but we both joined same college in MBA and we became best friends. She had a Luna and we both used to ride that. The best part was the Luna, the pillion rider seat is lower than the driver seat. I don’t know whether anyone laughed on seeing us riding but we both used to laugh so much everyday. And we both used to spend our pocket money on the petrol. Her name is also saritha.We both worked in the same bank till I got married and left the Hyderabad.

 We used to have a great friendship among the cousins, now not much as few of them are in US and few have become busy in there life. When we were small we all used to do so much of window shopping. There was a shop by name Khadi Bhandar and every birthday in my cousin’s house we used to buy small gifts from that shop and present it to my cousins.

 Had so much fun in the rains. Never used raincoat instead I used to cover my bag with the raincoat and get drenched in the rain. My house was little far from the school bus stop and roads used to be full with rain water. Myself and my sister used to go home playing in the rain. The shopkeepers on the road used to calls us in and used to tell us wait till the rain stops but we never listened to them. And evening my mom used to use the same road and those shop keepers used to tell my mom what we did.

 I worked part time in standard chartered credit card sales, the first salary i got was Rs.1000/- and I brought a shirt for my father,saree for my mother and gave Rs.100/- to each of my sisters and what ever was left I gave it to my granny. My granny was so happy that day. Still i remember the smile on my fathers face when he wore that shirt.This was in 90’s.

 Father used to drive Jawa and we could make out the sound that it is his vehicle. During holidays he used to come home in afternoon to check what we were doing. One day we made upma and that day my dad parked his vehicle very far from the house and came walking. He knocked the door and my sister saw him from the window and we threw everything in a bucket of water in the bathroom. He could smell the upma but we told him we were watching tv.

 My cousin who is 7 years elder to me likes Jayaprada.My granny never allowed her to go out except to school and college. She used to give me 25 paisa to get jayaprada’s postcard picture and each postcard was costing 10 paisa and I used to get 2 post cards and rest 5 paisa used to buy a Parle lozenges.This was in 80’s.

 Almost all whom i know have been tag and if anyone interested please do the tag and let me know 🙂


Yesterday went to varunavi school for open house.There i met her teacher Mrs.Nirmala Mudgal for the first time.I never met a such a lovely and elegant lady in my life.When we entered the class she was busy with other parent but she removed her attention from them and called us in and she hugged varunavi and and said where were you,i was missing you my child (varunavi didn’t go to school for last 3 days).She has got such love and warmth.Me and my kid will never forgot her for sure. 🙂

When our turn came she made us sit in front of us.She was telling us about how varunavi is in studies and other activities,never in her words i felt she is criticizing the child inspite of not scoring much marks in hindi.She told me how to make her understand hindi.I have been to varunavi’s open house before but the teacher there said varunavi is hopeless in cursive handwriting,you have to make her sit for atleast 2-3 hours only on her writing and varunavi once told me that she doesn’t want to go to school.I was just waiting for that year to finish and she is very lucky to get Mrs.Mudgal as her teacher for this year. 🙂

She did so much of baby talk with pinky and  told us not to put her in the school until he is 4 plus and the child can’t take too much burden and her fingers will pain when holding the pencil and they won’t be able to tell us the pain.I read about this in Sandhya’s post.

Mrs.Mudgal told varunavi to do lot of masti ,watch tv,eat well and study little 🙂 :). My child is blessed to have a teacher like her who will put a strong foundation for the growth of the child.

Before leaving she called both the kids,hugged them and gave a kiss.She said varunavi come back soon to the class 🙂

After i left from there i remembered these words from indyeah’s post–

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go…Some stay and make footprints on our hearts…And we are never, never the same.”~Author Unknown

I Want A Son

We Indians give so much importance of having a son.A female by name “A” was distributing sweets at the school bus stop,i asked her what is the occasion and before she could answer me,another female “X” said  in a high pitched voice that she has delivered a boy.It is “A” who delivered and i found the excitement in “X” face.Many times people tell me Oh you have two daughters, so what if i have two daughters,they are not going to feed and take care of them.I fail to understand why they are bothered about me and my girls.

We always wished for a girl child,my hubby are three brothers so he always wanted a girl child,infact we planned to adopt a girl child before my second kid.Even now i will adopt once i am financially sound. 🙂

Once i asked my dad why everyone want a son (we are 3 girls),he said the son takes the family forward,the family name will continue for ever and etc…But i am sorry to say my father never had time for his parents,his parents were in Bellary and he was in Hyderabad.Maybe once in a year he used to go there and send money every month.Now hubby is also a son,he is not taking care of his mom and he sends money to her.So sons are only for the money?

I didn’t change my name after marriage,but i am a daughter not a son who is taking father’s name.So sons are only for the  family name ?

My m-law is 70 years old and she is taking care of her mother who is 87 years old and my m-law is a daughter.Her mom did many pujas to have sons and she has 3 sons out of whom 2 are retired from govt services and are at home.The sons who are around 59-62 are healthy but can’t look after their mother.The mom distributed her property and her husband retirement benefits among the three sons and she didn’t give anything to her 2 daughters and these 2 daughters are spending money for their mother’s treatment.Sons are only for the property?

My neighbour’s father in-law has two sons, one is in Delhi and one is here.They both have divided their father stay and he stays for 6 months in Delhi and 6 months in a old age home.There are many reasons why he can’t stay here (Weather,treatment,visa..) but i don’t find a single reason why the other son can’t keep his father with him forever.My neighbour says he argues that why he only should take care of his father.Did the father ever thought why i had a son?

I have written this long back but some how never published it and this is my first post on a issue like this.These are  my thoughts when i heard about my m-law getting her mom to stay with her.