Time pass/Time waste

I really don’t understand how can anyone watch these serials.Serials like choti bahu,Pratigya,Pavitra rishtey and many more.I agree people who are retired and want to pass their time by watching these serials. These serials producers are minting money.In some telugu channels a question is asked after the end of each episode and they will send one pattu (silk) saree for each winner chosen in a draw.I just hate to watch these serials.

The most common things i have noticed are :-

All the females wear cheap designer sarees/outfits

All wear high heels in the house

All the married females wear those black beeds chains

There is always a vamp who wants to spoil the relationship between a newly married couples.

All the actors go to sleep with their shirts tucked in.

All the stories revolve around the same plot.

There is always a granny in all the serials who holds the beads and does jap.

Most of the families live in palatial houses.

There is always a bahu (d-law) who is snubbed.

Each scene has a different back ground music.  And this back ground music makes people run to the TV not to miss the scene.

Most of the actors and actress participate in reality shows.

I don’t know how much these serials reflect the society…..

PS:- This post was there in my drafts since long. Uma post made me to post this.


Learnt from my daughter

Sometimes I am surprised the way my kids react but yes I am happy the way they react and the way they tell me amma you should have said this, you should have done this etc…..

Yesterday a person came to fix my cable connection. I was not happy with what he was doing and I was suggesting him to do something else for which he laughed loudly. I got offended but I didn’t react the way I should, I just told him if you think my suggestion is not good enough you go ahead and do what ever you wish but I want that to be done without spoiling our hall ambience. He did something which I didn’t like but he said he will come back and will do it once again.

After he left varunavi came to me and said amma how can you keep quite when he laughed at you, you should have told him IT’S NOT FUNNY…there is nothing to laugh to why you didn’t say that to him amma, he is not supposed to laugh at you like that…

She says this is what i say at school too when others kids try to bully me amma. When  we came here initially varu had problems with a girl at school. The girl used to bully her and not even once varu told me to come to school and talk to teacher about that. When she told me one girl bullies me, I told her I will come to your school and talk to your teacher. For that she said amma don’t come I will handle it. I just told her be strong and inform teacher that’s all. After a month when I met her teacher in PTM she was appreciating varu how she addressed the problem and the girl stopped bullying her.