Moving Back

Gulf has been my home for last 8 years.Of that 8 years i lived in UAE for 6 years.Has got so many memories here.Muscat was my first home after my marriage.After 2 months of my marriage joined hubby in muscat.Lived there for  1 1/2 years and went back to hyderabad as i was expecting my 1st child.Then hubby relocated to dubai and i we joined him here.

I remember when my sister got married my mother and her m-law helped her to start a house,they brought things she required in her kitchen,etc.But for me it was we both who went to shopping the second day i landed here.I made a list of the things i require in the kitchen (same like what mom has in her kitchen).It was totally awesome experience,till then you are dependent on your mother and suddenly you are all alone with a stranger in a new country.Hubby did tried to make me comfortable.Now i get tears to part with all those things.

This is the place where i have seen my kids growing up,my mom visiting us and m-law staying with us and this is where we both have grown from two individuals to a family of four.We learned a bit of  new language which is alien to us ie arabic,both kids sing the UAE national song.I hope they don’t forget the song.

This month end we are going back to India.Have applied for varunavi’s TC,will be getting that shortly.Actually hubby brought the tc  application last week and he is feeling bad to apply for the tc.Varunavi loves her school,friends and her teachers.But she is a smart child when we told her we are going back,she immediately said she is happy to be with her granny.I have been telling pinkuda but she is thinking we are going on a holiday,still she is not that mature enough to understand.When i start packing maybe she will realise that we won’t come back here again.

This was very hard decision to take and we took many days to come at this.This was the reason of me not blogging much and once we decided that we are moving i came out my of somber mood.Now my main aim will be to get the kids adjusted .Varunavi listens to us and she will understand but pinkuda i don’t know what i have to do.My only solace is my mom,she is always there with open arms to embrace us.She was very happy to hear that we are coming back for good.She is giving me tips and suggestions to pack.

I don’t feel like packing inspite of the cargo guy coming here after 2 days.This is my last post and will come back soon.But will be reading you all when ever i get hold of the internet.

Ships of the Desert— CAMEL

Camel is also know as ships of the desert.

Camel racing is a century old arab sport where children were used as a jockeys.The advantage of using a child over an adult is their low weight and height,which meant the camels could run faster.Many laws have been made but till 2005 children were used as jockeys.Many children suffered injuries such as broken legs and hands from falling off camels,which can run up to 30km per hour.Now instead of a child,camels in UAE are ridden by small robots which are tied into camels by hand.

Many boys were bought from their parents in Pakistan,India Sudan and Bangladesh for as low as US$3.Parents in these countries used to sell their boys to arabs not knowing that these kids are used as jockeys.These children were not fed properly because the owners don’t want them to gain weight,they were given 2 biscuits a day and some water to drink.Few kids don’t know to talk there language nor they know to which country they belong to.UAE was the first country to ban child jockeys in the year 1993.But that was highly ignored until the year 2005.Finally in the year 2005 Dubai and other emirates responded to intense international pressure cleared the camel-tracks of children, replacing them with robot jockeys.The related article is here
The kids got the freedom, will the camels get freedom??
Video source:-Youtube