Cookies for pet !!!!

new iphone 039Varunavi’s ad for cookies

“Hi everyone this is the first day of cookies. This is Canada’s number one cookies in Canada. It is in many flavours for example Vanilla, Chocolate and more ! even for pets. It’s free today hurry!!  Pet cookies are of 20 cents only. If you come in one hour we will give you big boxes of cookies. Hope you will enjoy it ! The best thing of all is it’s in different shapes. If you see the factory you could go inside and may your own! Have a nice day !! You can also get in alphabets and numbers!

Bye see you.:)

Schools here

The first thing we did after coming here was finding a flat.Once we shifted to flat the first thing was to look for a school.The system here is that every neighbourhood has a school. The minimum distance between the school and houses should be less than 2 KM,so one can find a school very easily not the house.Luckily we got a good flat and school is just 4-5 minutes from the house. Infact i can see school from my balcony.

We got the school admission immediately but kids has to write a assessment test (it was just a formality).Here first language is the language the kids speak at home,school emphasis that kids should be well versed in their first language.They say what ever we teach them if that is translated into their first language they will understand very well.I was taken by surprise when i was told English is their second language.Back home our first language we say is English followed by Hindi and Telugu.

Here special needs children go to the same school unlike us.Here they want them to know that they are not different.And the kids who are physically challenged they get very good assistance.Check the below picture how a kid is been taken home from school.A special bus comes for the kid.



Even in public transport when a challenged person is trying to get into the bus the bus driver reduces the height of the bus so that the person can easily climb the bus.And passengers immediately get up from their seats and make way for that person,like pulling his wheelchair.

Pinks Birthday Wishlist

Pinks 5th birthday is coming closure.She is super excited about it.In May schools are closed so she wanted to celebrate her birthday in April itself when school is open.On April 11th exactly one month before her actual birthday she celebrated her birthday at school.She planned everything much in advance.Yeah you may think what a five year old will plan.Her planning includes where to sit in the class,who will stand next to her when she was cutting the cake,what dress she should wear,what chocolates she should give her friends,how many chocolates she will give to her best friend and to name a few.



Now that she celebrated her birthday in school she has planned or gave me a wish list which she made her elder sister to write it on a paper.The invites to her birthday party apart from family and friends are Doreman,Nobita,Oggy,Cockraches,Chota bheem, Chutki, Raju, Dolu,Bolu, Henry,Ninja Hattori and she doesn’t want to include Motu.

She saw revlon hair colour ad many times but she didn’t follow what is shown in the ad.Today she realised that hair can be coloured in many colours.Now she wants to colour her hair PINK.

Her cake should have brown icing with a big flower and a Winnie the pooh toy on that.I am happy that she didn’t ask me any cartoon character or barbie cake and my baker too is happy that i will take what is their in his bakery rather than me asking him to customize my cake.

She decided  whom to take with me to get the cake from the bakery on the party day.It seems i didn’t take her last time and she wants to come with me along with my cousin.

Not able to manage my two blogs.Pinks saw this blog name and now she wants to me get a new blog on her name…

Summer is back….

I love summer mainly because i can get up late,no need for the kids to get up early and rush to school.During this summer holidays i can do my work leisurely no need to hurry up.Will be cooking much as i have to feed the two always hungry mouths with snacks and cool drinks…Has to see that my fridge is always full with the mangoes and Taati Munjalu (Toddy palm fruit).Brought taati munjalu yesterday and within no time they got over.Taati munjalu is popular summer fruit in Andhra.They are known as Tari in hindi,Nungu in tamil more details are here.

Waiting for relatives and friends to give raw mango pickle.That is the one thing which i have not tried nor will i try.So uma waiting for my parcel of pickle and i am sure you will make an awesome pickles and podis.

The thing i hate about summer is the water.Last year too i ranted about by water woes and the picture is same as last year.Every day morning i crib of not getting water as we are in the second floor.People on the ground floor hoard so much of water which if given to me will last for a week.How much i crib the situation won’t change.For this i am waiting for the summer to get over fast and we get rains here so that water level increases and i get enough water.

House is in a big mess and uma will vouch for it.She might have got a shock seeing my walls with full of art work by Pinkuda.I am just waiting for her to stop scribbling on the wall so that i will colour my walls with my choice of colours rather than plain white.

Leaving you all with a poem written by Varunavi…

“”Deep in my heart when ever you cry ,

I get cry first in my heart.

And then in my face,

Please don’t cry….””

My little Saina

Pinkuda what is your name??

My name is sainaa nehwall,I play badminton.

 Pinky school had exhibition,India and global world–A panoramic view.Indian sports was the topic of pinky’s class and pinky was Saina Nehwal.Her teacher taught her how to play with the racket which is of her height.Pinky loved the way she was dressed with a mole on her cheek like Saina and black thread around her neck.

Nursery -- Sports World

Each student was portraying one sport.There was one small Sachin with a bat which of his size,a boy was sitting in a sand pit (khusti),a small Vishwanth Anand playing chess,a boxer etc.All the tiny tots were looking so cute.Hat off to the teachers who take so much pain to groom the future kids. 

LKG--Fusion Food

The topic of LKG was fusion food.Here the kids showed indian and other countries food which is eaten in india.Each kid spoke about each food like KFC,Pizza,Noodles,Indian thali etc.

Indian Food Culture--UKG

UKG topic was indian food culture.Here all types of food which is eaten in india was shown as well as healthy and unhealthy food was shown.The indian food like dosa,idly,roti,murukulu etc was shown.

The exhibition started at 9.00 in the morning and by 11.00 these kids were exhausted and when i went around at 12.00 many kids slept on the table,so teachers called their parents to take the kids home.It was very nice to see the kids talking about the sports and the food,i don’t know how much they understood but the way they were telling not to eat this,not to eat that was excellent.Hat off to the teachers.