Yummy Juice…

Recipe courtesy :- Pinkuda

What are the things required to make the juice

  • Clean your hands
  • A big bowl
  • Small Watermelon
Take watermelon pulp in a big bowl.
Mash it with hands for 20-30 minutes
Strain it in a glass and don’t drink 😀 😀 😀 😀
Pinkuda didn’t give the juice to anyone…

I am not liking this…….

I studied in a school where hindi dominated english.I was quite poor in speaking english,i was advised by people to go for english speaking course.I started speaking good english after i started to work (i still stumble when i talk english).Started reading english books after I started blogging.This post is about people or the kids who are spoiling english.I find it so difficult to read what they write.Be it Facebook updates or sms or letters.Check the few words below and let me know whether it is difficult to read or not.

Unlyk — Unlike

Filld — Filled

Imprtnt — Important

Wid — With

Limmi— Let me

Sistr— Sister

Deze — These

Questns — Questions

Dats — Thats

Cmn — Common

Da — The

Rplyd — Replied

Cmnt — Comment

it z — It’s

2day — Today

Mst — Must

Smyl — ???

Nly — Only

Sumthing — Something

And — Nd

The list is endless…….

PS:-When i am trying to post WP is showing so many spelling mistakes…..