Yummy Juice…

Recipe courtesy :- Pinkuda

What are the things required to make the juice

  • Clean your hands
  • A big bowl
  • Small Watermelon
Take watermelon pulp in a big bowl.
Mash it with hands for 20-30 minutes
Strain it in a glass and don’t drink 😀 😀 😀 😀
Pinkuda didn’t give the juice to anyone…

11 thoughts on “Yummy Juice…

  1. LOL!!! 😆

    First time a juice for not drinking 🙂 🙂 Nobody had the juice>??? 🙄 🙄

    Yeah this juice is not supposed to be drank,it has to kept till it gets spoiled (that’s what pinky did to the juice)

  2. Brilliant now you see this is actually going back to rooots, using own hand… All great leaders said it… No mixie or juicers….

    Ya ya,i hope she wont say that she will do dosa/idly batter with hands….

    Way to göooooooooo 🙂 little one.. Blesssss


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