What is your take on this???

Since long these incidents were troubling me,what’s wrong with the kids or i should think they are just kids they will learn.Why kids are behaving like this.Is the fault lies with the parents,friends,school,media,exposure or something else.

Varunavi took a new bag to school,it is nice blue bag.A boy too brought a new bag.This the conversation they both had

Boy:See varu my new bag,good no

Varu: It is very good,see my new bag

Boy:Oh from where u brought this bag?

Varu:My dad brought it from Dubai

Usually that boy sits next to her but that day he sat behind her.She keeps her bag at back of her and the boy is sitting behind her.That boy slowly started tearing the bag.

By evening he tore much and this girl saw all this in the evening.And when she asked him why he did,he said to her that in this class only i should bring a good and new bag not you.

I ignored it thinking he is just a kid.There should be a healthy competition but not like this.I told her hence forth don’t ever tell the kids that this pencil is from Dubai,this eraser is from US,etc…Just tell my mom brought…..

One girl from her class said to her that i don’t wear shoulder less dress because if i wear all boys will come behind me (see how a 2nd class kid talks)

Everyday after coming from school i make it a point to ask her how was her day at school and what all she did in the school (not studies).Studying only in the evening.It has become a habit for her now,as soon she is in,she is very eager to tell me what all happened in the school.

Rashmi is best friend of varu.They both share what ever they eat for lunch.One day if rashmi doesn’t comes to school varu feels very bad and same with rashmi.But when it comes to studies rashmi always wants to be before varu,i don’t know how much she scores but varu says when ever i write first and gets up to give the book to teacher rashmi pulls me to sit so that she runs and gives the book to the teacher.In her cursive book varu was much ahead of rashmi,rashmi made her erase few pages which varu wrote so that she can finish the book much before varu.

I told varu to complaint to teacher,she says no amma rashmi is my best friend i won’t tell teacher,teacher will scold her.Then smartly varu told rashmi’s mom about the cursive book.

What you all say???

Grilled Vegetable Tikki

Last thursday myself and kids went to weekly vegetable market near my house to buy veggies of kids choice.Varu hardly eats any veggies but was happy to make a list of veggies she wants.The list goes like this 1.Carrot 2.Cauliflower 3.Potato 4.Pop corn 5.Samosa (pop corn and samosa are veggies for her) 😛 😛 😛

After coming back i told them i will make vegetable tikkis for them for which they readily agreed.When they were busy with the pop corn i made the vegatable tikkis/cutlets.Usually they are shallow fried but i made a more healthy version of it by grilling them.Ever since i saw this post at Bikram’s blog,wanted to use my grill which i didn’t use after coming back to india.

The recipe is for smitha and this post is dedicated to my Dear Husband who loves everything which is not veg 👿 .He is forced to eat veg for a month now and he is just hating it 😆 😆 :lol:.In kabab and tikkas his list goes like this Shammi kabab,Sheek kabab,Shikampuri kabab,Gauloti kabab,Kheem cutlets,Chicken tikka,Fish cutlets so on and so forth.So dear husband it is good to be a vegetarian atleast for a month.Enjoy what you eat……..

Here goes the recipe

What are required

Cauliflower 4-5 florets

Potatoes 4 medium-sized

Carrot 3

Green peas 1/2 cup

French beans 5-6

Any other veggies of your choice

Green chutney 2 tbsp

Oats 1/2 cup

Salt as per taste

Oil 3 tbsp

For green chutney

Mint leaves 2 cups

Coriander leaves 1 cup

Amchur powder 2 tbsp

Green chillies 3-4

Cumin seeds roasted 1 tbsp

Grind all the above ingredients for green chutney.Green chutney can be stored for long in fridge

Now how to do the tikkis/cutlets

Boil all the veggies and drain water.

Dry roast oats and cool it.

Mix all the veggies,oats,green chutney and salt.

Heat the grill and brush it with oil.Make small patties and place them on the grill.

My grill is powered by electricity so the tikkis were done quite quickly.So the grilling time depends on the type of grill used.Once they are browned on both sides,sprinkle chat masala and serve hot.

This can be served with green chutney mixed with curd.

My LiTtLe BiG gIrL

Yesterday varu was reading a book and in that book she saw one recipe of sandwich.She came running to me and said amma i wanted to make this sandwich for you all for dinner.Today you don’t cook for us,you just sit on the dinning table i will serve you the sandwich.

She made a list of things she needs.Peanut butter,bread and banana.We all went out to bring them.Then she proudly made the sandwich and served us.Love you baby……

My baby she will be 7 years old next month.She was so tiny and fragile when she was months old and i was scared to put my hands on her thinking that my hand weight she can’t bear it.Now she sleeps putting her legs and hands around me.

Now she knows how a baby comes out from mothers tummy.Till she saw Robo movie she was thinking that doctor will make a cut on mothers tummy and will take out the baby and will stitch it with a needle and thread.After seeing robo movie she came to  me and said to me that amma(mom) rajni uncle removed the baby from the down.I was shocked,i didn’t know what to say.We all watched the movie and i didn’t changed the channel when rajni(robot) was delivering a baby.

Love u beta 🙂

Shame on me i didn’t celebrate my blog 2nd birthday on 31st december 2010.This post of rashmi reminded me that i too completed 2 years in blogging.Thank you so much for bearing me and encouraging me.

What you get from blogging??

Many of my friends and relatives don’t know that i have two blogs (this one and the food blog).I never update my Facebook or twitter with my blog posts. Few days back i casually told a friend of mine that i write two blogs and her immediate question was “what you get from writing blogs,do you get paid ??”

What i get from blogging??

This is one of the  comments i got about my recipes in my food blog

“i made this recipe today…it was too good…thanks a lot maam…:) — comment by ramya

The below comment was for hyderabadi biryani

This is really a well laid out website. I love how your posts tie in with the food and drink theme so well. You seem to really love your site. I myself love to read up on recipes

Few days back got this mail

Was going through your blog today, was just wondering simple the recipes are ..
really enjoying…

bye tc.

Mohini Vikas

This is another comment for Hyderabadi bagara rice.

Just cooked Bagara rice in your style, came out well, thanks for sharing the                        recipe…:)

And this sms from Uma

Hey,guess what? I made the dum chicken biryani as per ur recipe.It was awesome.All of us gobbled it up.Special hugs for super recipe.

And this comment from Smitha

Sari, Made this today 🙂 I love your recipes they are always great!

Who doesn’t love appreciation,i love to get such comments.Comments like these motivates me to blog more.I work so hard to post a recipe.Everyone at home has to wait to eat the food cause i will be busy in clicking the snaps of the food in different angles (but end up in posting only one).After taking the snap,i transfer them to laptop and then edit it in Picasa.And write post and upload pictures and post it.

Want to hear from you all what you get from blogging??