What is your take on this???

Since long these incidents were troubling me,what’s wrong with the kids or i should think they are just kids they will learn.Why kids are behaving like this.Is the fault lies with the parents,friends,school,media,exposure or something else.

Varunavi took a new bag to school,it is nice blue bag.A boy too brought a new bag.This the conversation they both had

Boy:See varu my new bag,good no

Varu: It is very good,see my new bag

Boy:Oh from where u brought this bag?

Varu:My dad brought it from Dubai

Usually that boy sits next to her but that day he sat behind her.She keeps her bag at back of her and the boy is sitting behind her.That boy slowly started tearing the bag.

By evening he tore much and this girl saw all this in the evening.And when she asked him why he did,he said to her that in this class only i should bring a good and new bag not you.

I ignored it thinking he is just a kid.There should be a healthy competition but not like this.I told her hence forth don’t ever tell the kids that this pencil is from Dubai,this eraser is from US,etc…Just tell my mom brought…..

One girl from her class said to her that i don’t wear shoulder less dress because if i wear all boys will come behind me (see how a 2nd class kid talks)

Everyday after coming from school i make it a point to ask her how was her day at school and what all she did in the school (not studies).Studying only in the evening.It has become a habit for her now,as soon she is in,she is very eager to tell me what all happened in the school.

Rashmi is best friend of varu.They both share what ever they eat for lunch.One day if rashmi doesn’t comes to school varu feels very bad and same with rashmi.But when it comes to studies rashmi always wants to be before varu,i don’t know how much she scores but varu says when ever i write first and gets up to give the book to teacher rashmi pulls me to sit so that she runs and gives the book to the teacher.In her cursive book varu was much ahead of rashmi,rashmi made her erase few pages which varu wrote so that she can finish the book much before varu.

I told varu to complaint to teacher,she says no amma rashmi is my best friend i won’t tell teacher,teacher will scold her.Then smartly varu told rashmi’s mom about the cursive book.

What you all say???


11 thoughts on “What is your take on this???

    1. Its really sad to see such behaviour from lil kids akka..

      Me too felt sad thambi

      I think the parents are to be blamed for pushing their kids to be first by anyway in everything..

      Hope Rashmi’s mom takes some action to correct this behavior…

      I think she did,now that girl is not much competing with her

      But Varu is cool… she values her friendship… thats really great.. Hugs to her… 🙂 🙂

      Hugs from her

  1. Kids of 2nd std and all this competition. Sigh! I really feel bad for Varu and for that girl too who is getting into all this race at such an young age 😦 Varu is so soft and am glad she is smart too. Hope Rashmi’s mother is taking the right action!

    That’s what paining me that 2nd std these kids are talking and doing like this.Then i think they are just kids….

  2. Third me..
    Oh My god is what i will say , i know i make rash decisions but anyway the parents of that kids are to be blames .. and you got to talk to Varu to be stronger..

    I have been telling her not to get snubbed by other kids.

    and YEah rashmi might be the best friend but friends dont do this.. SO maybe when you talk to Varu you can tell her this to..

    Will tell her that if she is ur friend,she wont do this to her

    Todays world is not good, you shud teach Varu to say NO.. its not bad yeah i can understand not going ot teacher but she can say no.. 🙂 and if the little one is the best then she should get hr due why should someone else get ahead 🙂

    Thats what i asked her,when she is rubbing ur book,u should have snatched ur book for her,why did u allowed her to erase the writing.

    I think I have to come over to Hyd to hae a word with Varu and make her a bit more bold.. nahin to like me it will take here years and year and yearssss to stand up for herself 🙂

    Do come and talk to her,she is sweet child will listen to u

    Please pardon me if i have said something wrong 🙂

    No u didn’t say anything wrong,i wrote this post cause i want to hear from you all and take all the suggestions u all give me,thanks….

  3. That is indeed shocking behavior from kids of such a tender age 😯

    Even i was shocked when she came with that new bag been tored by the boy.

    I love the sweet and very smart way Varu decided to tackle her problems with her best friend, let’s hope Rashmi’s mum finds a solution to this problem and takes the right action 😛
    {{{{hugs}}}} to the little princess

    Rashmi’s mom scolded rashmi and she is fine now with her not much into competing with her

    Thanks and loads of hugs from her to u 🙂

  4. I am not surprised. I am sorry but I have seen kids behave like that even when I was in first std, and that was quite a long time ago! I still remember very clearly the incident when I was bullied by a bunch of kids(all in first std) who thought I stole one of their pencils and didn’t believe me when I said no. I gave in then but, it only made me stronger afterwards. I learnt that I had to fight for myself.

    Even varu has to learn that,husband keeps on telling her that there is no need for u take all that,u give them back then and there itself.

    I also remember very clearly that everytime I went to my parents complaining about somebody picking on me (which happened a few times, me being a geek and the fav student of all the teachers), my parents never fought my case, didn’t even tell me what to do. They just opted to be there as my strength and somebody to talk to, but I had to figure out strategies to tackle rough kids by myself.

    In a way what ur parents did was right,they can’t keep on helping u in finding the solutions for the problem.They made u strong to tackle the things by yourself.

    I don’t know if they were right, no clue what impact childhood bullying had on me, but I have only emerged out stronger. My only lesson from all that was that I am the first saviour of myself. Also kids are little humans who think and act as per what they see subconsciously.

    I am the first saviour of myself—-i think this should be taught to kids and telling them we will be with them always

    About Rashmi, she too is a little child who is making mistakes and hopefully learning. It always takes a couple of bad friends to treasure the good ones you get later 🙂 (I must compliment you on Varu’s patience with people, says loads about the lovely little person she is :-))
    Sorry for the long comment, hope it helps.

    Thanks and sure your comment is going to help me in many ways

    She is very soft and calm girl which i don’t want.I want her to be strong,a little rough and i wish that she becomes smart in tackling the things.

    Hugs from us…

  5. Varu is so soft-hearted Sari. I just wish that she learns to stand up for herself, soon, as the world is never soft-hearted towards us, all the time. I also face some similar situations with my younger one….she knows that she is being bullied very smartly by a particular frnd, but she insists on handling it by herself. Sometimes I feel bad to see her get hurt by harsh acts. But I am giving her the space to learn.

    Thats what i want varu to do by herself ie handling it by herself.She has to be strong,husband keeps on telling her not to get bullied but fight back.

    Varu, you are a darling girl….but dont give in too much of yourself, in the name of friendship….stand up and be bold in telling rashmi frankly what she did is wrong…Hugs to u, my baby….

    Will show her ur comment

    Hugs from her 🙂

  6. “Jealousy may make the victim upset for sometime, but it torments the aggressor for a very long time!”

    Very well said

    Wonder why I was never ever treated unfairly or bullied when I was in school or even in college, for that matter. In fact, the guys who were aggressive to others were actually speaking freely with me. Some of them even confessed to me that they didn’t like what they were doing! One reason could have been because my mother was working in the same school! But still, I cannot even recollect small incidents like this happening to me! One guy was competing with me for marks, and both of us loved it. I used to win one year, and he the next year! The first time, both of us were tied with the same marks!! In Chennai, schools and teachers are quite strict – at least my school was!

    My school was not much strict and i can’t recollect any incident where i was bullied.I dont know whether it is true but i felt the competition and bullying thing is more common now then before.

    But I got my fair share of bullying etc, later – from the time I took on my first job! How I wished then that I had gone through all that earlier in my life, so that I would have been ready for the big bad world!

    “Any experience that does not destroy us, will only make us stronger”

    I think parents ought to allow the kids to handle such situations themselves while giving some suggestions, but should be aware of what is going on so that when they go out of control, parents can step in. But handling these situations would come in handy later on.

    Should be aware of the things going on is most important and with my kids everyday after coming from school i talk to them what happened in the school (not studies) other things and it has became a habit for them to tell me what happened there in the school and i hope they continue to do so.

    Destination Infinity

  7. Ohh dear the parents of such kids are surely to be blamed. I think its every parents important duty to inculcate good values in their kids.

    Even my mom said that kids are not be blamed,their parents are to be blamed when my daughter told her about her classmate who said i don’t wear shoulder less dress etc….

    Thanks and welcome here

  8. It’s so heartening to see that your little gal has a Heart of Gold and am sure with a little help and love from her parents she is gonna develop enough courage to stand up for herself 🙂

    I was never bullied by classmates coz I was always surrounded by my pack of Brothers 😆

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