Concrete Jungle

11 more days for my vacation. I am enjoying every bit of my vacation but I am logging to go back and lie down on my bed in my home there. I am worried about my indoor plants and my friend squirrel.

Here I am meeting my friends whom I didn’t see for more than five to six years. And most of them live quite far from my house. Commuting here is a big draw back in the city. With bad roads and traffic it’s a Herculean task.  Saving grace here is the Ola and Uber. Thanks to ola and uber getting a cab is much easier than buying a chocolate.

Been to few friends houses and it makes me feel sad by seeing the concrete jungle. There is so vegetation, it’s just those high rise Apartments and cannot see any vegetations. Been to a friend’s house which was on 10th floor. I tried to see beyond what my eyes can see for greenery. But I was disappointed, no site of green colour. Sometimes I am really blessed to live in a place where there is no pollution. My kids can play outside without wearing a mask on their noses.Atleast they play outside for six months. Can spot cats,squirrels and birds.

It’s a big chaos on the roads. Metro project is going on now and roads are full of potholes and construction materials. Top of that no one follows traffic rules.

I am enjoying my chaos..


Day 5 A small thought

I was going through an article and the author asked have you seen a sunrise,sunset,blooming of a flower, a butterfly,earthworm ect…

Sometimes in our life we crib what we don’t have and forgetting what we have and how blessed we are to have them.

In this concerete jungle we don’t get to see sunrise or sunset. Most of roads are covered by tarmac so no soil to see earthworm and because of mobile phones birds or butterflies are not seen.

Even though canada is a progressive country only the business districts are concerete jungles. Here apartment complexes are very few and more of independent houses.

After many years I played badminton in the open space I have in front of my house, which I never dream of playing in hyd as there is lots of traffic in front of my house.

I had sunflowers and veggies in my backyard. I used to count the sunflower buds every evening because I want to see how many flowers are taken by my Sunflower thief.

Even though I miss Hyderabad a lot, I am blessed to be here in-spite of harsh winter.

Things i did since last few months

Its been a while i had posted anything in my blog.Been busy and 24 hours seems to be less.

Time just flies,the year is coming to end.The year has been a good year till now and hope it will the same for the coming new year.Had many ups and downs in this year,there has been a major change with regard to my profession and my qualification.First time sat in a class after 12 years of leaving college.Can’t express what i felt that day sitting in the class after so many years.On a lighter note when i was asked my passing year by my lecturer……came to know that  i was the eldest in the class and since then my lecturer is calling me “madam”.

Have not done any experiment with the cooking,it is just the routine food i am cooking hence there is no update in my food blog too.Used to post wordless Wednesday and that too stopped since two weeks.Did satyanarayana pooja last week at home for the first time after marriage (10 years back).Some how we both never got an opportunity to do the pooja at home and this time we did.We invited very close relatives for lunch and we had a very good time.

Did few crochet things this year and once again thanks to crafty for introducing me to such a beautiful work.

Honeybee mittens
Honeybee mittens
Coin pouch
Coin pouch
honey bee
honey bee
Phone pouch
Phone pouch
Crochet Bag
Crochet Bag
Camera case
Camera case

Edited to add

These are the few things i did.

The patterns are from these sites:-

Honey bee fingerless mittens from Crochetme

Coin Pouch from crochetnmore

Honey bee from favecrafts

Spider from greatamigurumi

Crochet bag from Crochetme

Phone pouch from cats rockin

Camera case cats rockin

Slippers from

What brought a smile???

Took varu to a pediatrician as she is down with throat infection.I am visiting this doctor after 14 years.I didn’t introduce myself to him as i went today as a mother of a sick child.To my surprise when he saw me he recognized me and said “why you left Cipla”.Oh my god he remembers me as a girl who used to work in Cipla in the year 1997.I was so happy and i was all smiling.Doctors sees many companies representatives everyday and he remembered me and my company.I am so happy today.I miss u Cipla……

Not only the doctor but the attender  too recognized me and said madam you make forget me but I remember you very well,you are from cipla and you are the few girls who are in these jobs and you used to come by kinetic Honda.Now this made me miss my kinetic honda.

Pinky saw me going to doctor by walk and she felt bad.When i came back this is what she said

Pinky: Amma I will buy pink scooter and you sit behind me and I will take you where ever you want.

Me:-What about varunavi ?

Pinky:For a moment she was silent then said in front me there is one hole and varunavi will sit in that hole (she meant the leg space in front of the driver)

You All Are In My Thoughts

From the time i get up and till i go to bed most of you come in my thoughts,maybe i can be termed as blog addicted.

Care for girl child, love for animals and many more — Reminds me of IHM

When i see spiderman — Vimmu is remembered (daughter also says that she saw one uncle with spiderman dress in my laptop)

4-6-4 — Reminds me of hriday’s (Dhiren’s son) birthday.

Assam reminds me of Dr.Kavitha and her name is similar to my sisters name.

Dolphines in discovery channel — Reminds of Kanagu’s blog header.He is the only one whom i call thambi whom i forgot to wish on raksha bandan.

Winne the pooh —- Reminds me of poohi smitha’s daughter.

When ever i see the clouds it reminds me of uma’s ww snaps and also uma reminds me of hyderabadi biryani.

Cats and dogs reminds me of sandhya’s love towards cats and her Zorro

She is remembered always by my daughters more than me and she is known as crafty aunty.When ever i am in my hall and see my crochet things which are there,you are remembered crafty.

A wedding  — Reminds me of Elegant Chic who is getting married soon.

Environmental cause or anything related to hyd history — reminds me of swaram

Any new movie — reminds me of Rakesh movie review.

Cute little girl— reminds me of angle,rashmi’s daughter.

Green juice — reminds of Solilo’s DP

Father — reminds me of Indyeah’s post on her father.

Ona-sadya reminds me of deeps

I love reading you all and other blogs as well.And i fail to understand how you all read what i write.Without your comments and encouragement i would not have completed 100 post,yes yes i completed 100 post in one year eight months (have pinched very hard twice).Of that 41 post were in the blogger and 59 post in the wordpress.

I would not have been so motivated but for all the wonderful comments and encouragement from all of you!


Happy Days

No this is not the review of telugu happy days movie but about the things which is making me us happy after coming here.Actually i got inspired to write about this after reading Laksmi’s post here.

Have maid to do my job. 😀

Can get up late at 6.30 everyday morning.

Have many people to talk to.

Chatting with friends on sms.

Mobile rings all the time which was not the case there as i hardly used to get any calls.

Kids enjoying ride on hero honda.

Internet is so fast here.

Can spend much time in blogging as my work is done by maid.

Getting fresh vegetables from the market. 😀

Endless gossiping with sisters,neighbors and maid. 😀

Can have pani puris any time….

The best thing is i can go shopping on my own without husband nagging. 😀

Can wear pattu sarees for functions after 8 longs years.

Last but not the least have reduced weight as i am troubling my legs to take stairs to second floor almost 4-5 times a days and walking to drop and pick the kids from school. 😀

Thank you god……….