Last few days has been very hectic.Husband went to india for a  treatment,managed kids and the house for a week all alone.Thought will be free once he is back.But pinkuda kept me busy,she got injured and then had fever for 4 days.Then varu had exams and then followed by fever for another 4 days.

Now varu is having holidays for 10 days and it is a big relief for me.The first and the important thing i did is to sleep late.Got fed up of getting at 5.30 am in this winter.Winters are for getting up late and i hate to leave my comforter.Sometimes i feel sorry for varu as she has to get up at 5.30 am to catch her school bus at 6.30 am,poor child never she complains of getting up and getting ready for school.Till she gets into the bus she holds me tight so that she doesn’t feel cold.

Varunavi got her grades and she scored well in all but hindi and arabic.She just hates to read hindi.I teach her hindi rhymes and make her watch hindi movies and news but still she doesn’t show interest in hindi.Maybe she catchs up in the last quarter of grade 1.

What ever little time i got was spent on plowing and harvesting.I am too much addicted to farmville.The other day i got a dream where in i visited swaram in her farm and she gifted me pink roses which she cultivated in her farm. 😀

Since few days pinkuda is talking about buying things for us.The other day i had a cut on my leg and she said amma you have a hole in your leg,don’t cry (i was pretending that it is paining) i will buy you a new leg. 😀

Of the 10 days 2 days are over.Will utilize the remaining 8 days effectively and read all my fav blogs.

Lastly the below snaps are inspired by the snaps of poohi making pizza.

 Varu is guarding the cake batter and pinkuda is putting her finger to lick the batter.

This snap is few days back when i was trying to take a snap to post in my food blog.And pinkuda was getting impatient with my photo session as she wants to grab the biryani.

Please talk to me

She  stares at the entrance of her room all the day to see someone,who talks to her,who hugs her.But retires to the bed in a hope that tomorrow someone will come,will talk to her and will take her from there.She is not alone in that room,there are many eyes glued to the entrance.The moment someone comes at the entrance,all try to get up from their bed calling the visitor to talk to them.

In this fast life we don’t have few minutes to spend with them.

They are ones who taught us our first walk and we don’t have time to hold there hand and help them take a few steps.

They are the ones who taught us our first words and we don’t have time to say few words to them.

They are the ones who fed us our choice of food,we when spitted the food given to us which we disliked and now we left them to others to feed them and they don’t have their choice of food.

They are the ones in their life time never repented of giving birth to us and we don’t repent of sending them to the old age homes.

They inspite of living in the old age homes pray for us.

They are not called home inspite of having a wedding at home,for fear of their death which leads to postpone of the marriage.The son and daughter-in-law are concerned for their daughter not for their mother and mother-in-law.

Inspite of earning well their kids fight for the contribution to be spent on their medical and old age home bills.

They are the ones who gave us  their name, their fame, their time, their money, their whole life are left in destitute because of us.

They are the ones who used to shed tears when we were sick and they took off from the office to look after us and now we don’t have time for them.

They celebrated our birthday’s and we don’t remember their birthdays.

What they want?? They don’t want our money and materialistic pleasure.They just want our love and few minutes of our valuable time.

We have time to take our kids out as we think kids should have fun,we have time to eat at a restaurant,we have time to watch our fav tv serial/program etc………… but we don’t have time to speak few words to them.

A recent survey shows  increase of old age homes in india, Hyderabad alone has 140 old age homes.Where are we heading ? We don’t know that what we did to our parents will happen to us.Maybe a day will come when parents think of not having a child as they are old age homes to take care of them.

I agree that few old age homes give good geriatric treatment but apart from the treatment they want love and someone to say few words to them.

Husband visited old age home when he went to india,there was a women who tried to give money to husband to buy a shirt similar to what hubby was wearing for her son.Her son is a stinking rich guy who doesn’t have time for his mother and rarely visits her.

My mom met her distant relative at a old age home and the relative said these words to mom– “I don’t have any income and i can do my work myself,you are getting pension no,please keep me with you”.

I am elated…..

My post on domestic violence — Break the silence has been picked by BlogAdda for tangy tuesday picks.I can’t believe that my post has been picked up.


Thanks to blogadda  team for selecting my post and thanks to my friends who read and encourage me with their comments.And special thanks to my classmate and friend liju who introduced me to the blogging and also thanks to my kids who allow me to take out my time for blogging.

Thanks sister for reading my blog and get well soon 🙂