Happy Tooo Much

Warning:-Boring post.

Few days pinky was playing in the corridor of our apartment,my neighbour son who is of 2 years old came to play with her.Pinky doesn’t know hindi and that boy is a Pakistani and he doesn’t know our language.But he was communicating with her and she is also responding him very well as if both of them knew each other languages.He was riding a tri-cycle and he offered her to ride and she with a big smile on her face went and sat on the tri-cycle and he taught her how to ride it.After sometime she got down and told him to sit and she pushed him and both enjoyed every bit of it.

Then his mother called him inside and took the cycle  inside and pinkuda was inconsolable,I have never seen her crying so much.She said aunty said bye to me and took babu inside,i want babu.Then i promised her that i will buy a cycle for you today.She huged me and said amma happy tooo much.

We went to baby shop to buy the cycle and the moment we entered the store she was in full enthu.We told her choose,she selected the sameones which  that boy was having.After we brought she doesn’t want me to keep that in the car dick as she wanted to keep the cycle with her at the back seat.Some how I made her listen and kept the cycle at the back.

She is not leaving the cycle even for a second.Other than her potty and sleep she is doing everything on the cycle.First day she tried to keep the cycle on her bed.She even takes that to the washroom when she is taking bath and washes her cycle there.She offers that boy her cycle and she rides his cycle.Heights is that she doesn’t allows varu to touch the cycle.More importantly she corrects if I say cycle, she says its her car.

Yesterday varu had sports meet in her school.She was so exicited that she didn’t sleep properly before night.Got up at 5.00 in the morning by herself.It was treat to eyes to see small kids performing.Varu was in fun games and she was the first one to run from her class.Her class didn’t win but she is not ready to accept.She says my teacher told me we won and when i go to school my teacher will give me the prize.When she saw us standing in the stands she was so happy and she was showing her sister to her friends.

These are small joys of life which i would have missed if i was working.Sometimes i think of my education getting wasted sitting at home.But when i think of kids and their smiles i don’t regret about my decision of staying at home. Full day pinky is behind me.When i am cooking in the kitchen she gets her toys and sits behind me plays.Once her sister is back she is behind her.She literally walks behind varu and tries to imitate what ever varu does.This  part is the best part of my life.


New Header

Hurrayyyyyyyyy i got a header for my blog 🙂 🙂

The credit of this header goes to Smitha.Yesterday i troubled her so much for the header.Smitha took the trouble of uploading the header.

I am very exicited,yesterday night i saw my blog header 100 times.It shows my passion and my two daughters.And the small kid in the header just looks like pinky with two little ponies.

Thanx smitha for taking out time and making me smile.  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happ To Baa

Happy birthday pinky.

Time just flies,pinkuda will be two tomorrow (11th may).The tiny and fragile baby is now a naughty kid breaking the furniture,mobile phones,cd player,cups,glasses and tv remotes.Doesn’t like to get dressed up,always in her slips.Very allergic to water,one drop of water on her dress and she removes it as if her dress is fully drenched.

Now granny has come for her birthday,she doesn’t know much about birthday.She only knows barney singing happ to ba and baluk(balloon).So my house will be full of balloons for her,she loves to play with balloon,more than that she loves to sit on the balloon and burst it meanwhile closing her ears before the balloons bursts.

Planning to make biryani and sweets for her,but name is hers we are going to eat.I wanted to bake cake for her but varunavi wants it from the store as she was not sure of my baking skill.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Beta/Devil/Bangaram/Chinu/Pinkuda…….

She Is Here……….

Went to the airport one hour before the flight arrival.But as usual our good Indian airlines was late by 2 hours.Kids were getting restless as they waited for her since morning.At last mom came out of the airport and varunavi went running and hugged her tightly and mom eyes were moist.

Amma brought so many goodies for the kids.There is a saying in Telugu that interest is loved more than principal amount.

But she made it a point to get each of our favourite sweet.Most of these snacks she did it.I told her not to make all these,instead buy it from shop.But she is very independent lady who wants to do her work by herself.She will go out of the way to do anything for us.

Varunavi is eating,drinking,sleeping,playing everything with ammamma.She always wanted me to put my hand on her when she is sleeping,but now she wants only ammamma near her.Showed all her barbies,her toys and she is telling her that she will give lift on her toy cycle 🙂

What i didn’t tell her in the last one year,told her everything now in two days.First day didn’t sleep till 2.ooam,she knows i am talkative and gave me a patient ear.

Took her to sharjah aquarium and had a great time there.Spent more than one hour there.

Inside the sharjah aquarium

Aa Lalu Mamma

Aa Lalu motherhood.It is a wonderful experience of being a mother of two.Have two different memories and has to behave differently with each one of them.One is silent, timid, sombre, calm, innocent,responsible and soft natured and other one is naughty,cranky and much more.Wonder how the elder one survives in this bad world,she learns to climb furniture from her younger sister, who like a P.E. teacher teaches her each step to do.

This time i have been tagged by two lovely ladies IHM and Smitha.The tag is about “what i like best about being about mother”.The tag says i have to write five things I love about being a mother.

The five things i love being a mother is:-

1.Calling me amma,mom,mama,amadu

2.Endless blow of flying kisses she gives me after getting into the school bus every morning

3.Begs me not to cry when i become emotinal, wipes my tears with her tiny hands.

4.They both give me a hug soon after getting up,their eyes are still closed.

5.When i am angry she runs to me before i say anything and says a lolu mama (i love you mama) and all my angry dissolves like a ice cube.

I wanna write more……..

1.Pain of begin operated just vanished after seeing her for the first time.Unshaped head,hairy
face,thin long fingers with long nails,pinkish body wrapped in a cloth and cling ed to me on the bed. When young used to cry a lot for a small cut and now doesn’t mind even if the stitches hurt me.I have taken snaps of her fingers,her legs,her hands,her hair and her face and now i show her this is you, when you were small.She just can’t take out her eyes from those snaps.

2.Motherhood is enjoyed more when by baby gets down from the school bus,hugs and tells me that mama you are looking smart by leaving your hair.And also she gives me compliments i look good in jeans then the Salwars/sarees.

3.You know you are a mother when there is only one piece of cake left,which you have to share with your kids.

4.The sleepless night when she was down with fever.Before kids never missed my sleep,nor got up in between the sleep.But now getting up with slightest movement of hers.She wears anklets on her legs,now i can read the sound of her anklets.I can make out if she is getting up/she is changing her sides/she got down from the bed etc….

5.I have become more responsible and caring then before.Have to be careful in what i am talking,how i am behaving as kids learn from us.

6.My baby tells her father that amma has got lot of house work,today you order biryani and juice for amma,she wont cook today.And everyday morning she says amma you do your work today on holidays i will help you.She just loves to help me.She likes me to bake cake and till the cake is done she doesn’t leave the kitchen.And always tries to lick the batter when i am not there in the kitchen.

7.Used to keep a book in handy to read about the milestones she crossed.Called up mom for very milestone she passed,like her first turn,her first word,her first step etc….And now she sees her little sister crossing those milestones and shouts amma she is crawling,she is walking,she is saying thanku…….

8.Now she is my mom.I don’t know arabic and she learns from the school and she teaches me the letters.I am learning a new language from her.

There is much to write about the both my darlings.I don’t have much expectation nor i want them to be a doctor/engineer/etc ,i only want them to be a good human beings.Sometimes i worry how they will face this bad world alone when they leave our house for good.
I would like Pooja ,ramya and sandhya do this tag,pls let me know when you do it.

btw today she got down from the bus with tears and started crying saying that her teacher didn’t say bye to her:(